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Friday, February 17, 2006

Gillian Does Not Respond To Alex's Compliment

The movie, '49 Days' held a promotion event at Hong Kong’s Mong Kok. Cast of the movie who attended, include leading actress, Gillian Chung, Steven Cheung, Qian Zhang, Raymond Wong and Debbie Goh attracted many people to the function. It was planned that the cast were to walk to the cinema which would take approximately 5 minutes. But due to the large crowd, it took 20 minutes to get to the cinemas. In the great confusion, a female fan touched Gillian but the idol did not know until her assistant told her afterwards. Gillian expressed that she has done all safety procedures and believes that nobody would do any crazy.

Earlier, Alex Fong had said that he would by tickets to watch the movie. Rumoured girlfriend, Gillian expressed her thanks and said that if he did not think it was too boring, he could buy tickets to more than one session. To comment on Alex saying that she looked beautiful at the premier of ‘49 Days’, Gillian stated that she did not want to say much but thanked Alex for the compliment. When talking about Valentine's Day, Gillian said that she was working on an advertisement with Nicholas Tse and had received some SMS from her friends but no flowers.

This year’s Valentine's Day, is Raymond and his wife’s first Valentine's Day together as husband and wife. Raymond gave his wife a necklace with a moon and star pendant. He explained that his wife is the stars and he is the moon. Raymond expressed that although the necklace did not cost as much as the wedding wing but it’s the thought that counts. His wife had given him a watch box.

After Valentine's Day, Steven was found with sores on his mouth. The media asked if the sores were from kissing too much, but Steven explained that it was from the saliva dripping out of his mouth when he is sleeping. This year, Steven gave his mother a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day. When asked if he had given Maggie Fu anything, Steven expressed that he had not but had called her. Unfortunately he could not get in contact. Steven strongly said that there are other girls in the world, not only Maggie. Steven did not say he was feeling pressured by this but said that his company were not causing him stress over the issue. Steven expressed that he was too immature and will not be more serious. He admires Deep Ng and Nancy Wu for publicly announcing that they were dating.

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