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Monday, February 27, 2006

Interview: Love Is Like Malt Candy For Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Says Her Love Life Is Like Malt Candy, Difficult To make A Clean Break.
June 2002, the rumors between Charmaine and Benny Chan Ho Man started to circulate until today for 3 years and 8 months. In regard of her relationships, Charmaine described it as eating malt candy “You can’t finish eating it but yet it refuses to break off even by stretching.” Such a saccharine sweet reply. While the guy has tons of rumors, Charmaine expressed that she is the perfect romantic girlfriend type, calmly expressed that she does not worry about getting married.

Love Story – Love At First Smile
In recent years, filming new series has occupied 90% of Charmaine’s time, with the rest for sleeping and personal activities. However, in regard of her love life, for the past 3 years and 8 months there were non-stop rumors with Joe Ma, Ding Zi Gou, Chilam and so on but the rumor which lasted the longest was with Benny Chan. Yesterday when Charmaine was having this interview, they mention about love and found out what Charmaine wants out of love was really simple: “Most importantly is feeling happy whenever seeing him, there’s no need to hide, this is the best kind of love.”

Still Observation Period
Charmaine frankly admitted that there is someone who makes her happy by just looking at them, but unfortunately the time to see them is very limited. Is that person Benny Chan? Charmaine only smiled sweetly: "There's a lot of people who makes me happy by just looking at them. Whether we really can develop further; this need time, communication, understanding , going through this kind of process. We are not 18, 19 years old; who are without responsibilities, falling in love at first sight, dating and breaking up as you like, having to explain everything to other people. I'm not that kind of person; I have studied alone and lived own my own for so long, I never required to answer to anyone. Having to explain everything to the whole world is too troublesome, so let's just wait and see."

Charmaine and Benny's rumor started in June 2002 when they were filming "Love is a Butterfly". The next year, she mentioned she was still in observation period with Benny. Since it's already 3 years, what are the observed results? She said: "He's often away from Hong Kong, how to observe? We rarely see each other, everything has to depend on timing."

"I'm A Good Girlfriend"
When asked to describe her relationship with Benny Chan, she unexpectedly gave this answer: "It's like malt candy, you can't finish it but you can't break it off either. What I meant was he has became my rumored boyfriend for so long." Whether the relationship is as sweet as malt candy, Charmaine laughed: "I'm not telling! It'll be too sweet to finish the whole stick of malt candy, it takes a long time for development."

Benny Chan was constantly surrounded by rumors, but Charmaine defended him. She said: "I actually don't know much, never read the entertainment news, whatever he does are not for me to control. We're both in the entertainment circle; we understand the media technique of publicizing stuffs. Whether we have trust is not important, because we have not reach that stage yet. Let's just wait if we really get started."

Nowadays, female celebrities seems to be getting married late. The 30 years old Charmaine does not consider having children, so will she be worried about not getting married then? She replied: "No worries, not that desperate yet. I am a good girlfriend, but I am a girlfriend without time (very busy). I'm still good friend with my ex-boyfriend, and if I'm really those weak types, then I would not be able to keep in contact (with him). At the same time, I put effort into making another person happy, I'm those romantic types."

No Leisure To Date Pursuers

Actually, Charmaine certainly does not lack potential pursuers. However, it's either failed or the feeling has changed even before getting deeper. "It's difficult to take the first step. People outside entertainment circle can't understand why we don't have time, they asked you out 10 times but you said busy for 10 times. Are you joking? Maybe you don’t like me after all, since you always said no. I can't do anything about this, but it's better not getting started than ending up worst."

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