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Friday, February 17, 2006

Jessica Hsuan: There Will Be A Day Of Love

Loyal, loving, brave, giving...these are the qualities that Jessica Hsuan's dog, BonBon, have shown over the years. These are things that BonBon may not be able to express verbally, but Jessica can feel the love that BonBon has shown her all her life.

Jessica said, "We can't think of the day when BonBon will have to leave us. I am just hoping that BonBon will pass away while sleeping, without any trace of pain." BonBon has been with Jessica for 13 years and was her first dog. Afterwards, Jessica took in more dogs: Fei Por, Fatty, DingDing, Junior, and Lulu. But Jessica's favorite has always been BonBon.

Although compared to her love for dogs, her criteria in selecting boyfriends have been much more complex. Jessica prefers the honest type that does not conceal anything from her.
Jessica said, "Each time a relationship ends, I will analyze it to see what went wrong. I understand that because each person is brought up differently, so their perspectives in life are different. For example, if he comes from a wealthy background, he might have very different values which I can not accept. I have understood that in the future, I should look for men who have suitable personalities with mine."

As to Jessica's dating history, there was Dicky Cheung Wai Kin, whom she met while filming a TVB series. Afterwards, the men she dated have had impressive qualities. Jessica dated Rong Zhijian's nephew Rong Wenhan for 6 years. Her last ex-boyfriend was dentist, Chen Jianwei. Chen was also borne of a wealthy family.

Jessica said that her break-up with Chen was not related to the pressure they faced after their relationship was revealed publicly. Jessica said that to love her, he must accept everything about her, including her acting career and her pet dogs. She would do the same and accept everything about him.

Jessica said, "If I were dating, I would definitely acknowledge it. I enjoy the feeling of dating. There is no need to be secretive and hide it." Although now Jessica is not seeing anyone, she said in the future if she is dating, she would openly acknowledge it.

Jessica's friends are anxious to introduce her to a new boyfriend. Jessica did not refuse their good intentions. But her friends also reminded her that her very independent personality may not be attractive to a lot of men in Hong Kong. "I believe there will be some men who will appreciate my personality."

Will you accept introductions set-up by your friends? "Since I am gradually getting older and there are always men who are interested in me because I am an actress and attracted to my fame, I prefer to meet men through my friends. This would give me more peace of mind."

This year, Jessica did not have a Valentine to spend Valentine's Day with. But having the company of BonBon and her other 5 dogs, Jessica is still very happy. Despite her strong image, Jessica's gentler side can be shown in the company of her pet dogs. If Jessica shows this softer side of her all the time, then many men would be hopelessly attracted to her!

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