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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Justin Cheekily Answers: Do You Think I’ll Tell You?!

Justin yesterday played the guest host for ‘Road show’ and invited Alex Fong and Miki Yeung. The 3 artists all shared some of the secrets. Justin believes that talking to your friends, is a good way to take away pressure. When asked if he had any friends in the entertainment circle who he could tell his secrets to, Justin named Leo Ku, Mark Lui, Miriam Yeung and Wilfred Lau. But when it came to his deepest and darkest secrets, Justin will only tell his mother and brothers.

Then, he was asked if he would tell his rumoured girlfriend, Gia Lin, any of his secrets, Justin exclaimed, “Don’t talk about that topic any more! (Is it because you company won’t let you?) Miriam said that rumours are never ending stories. I believe that 20 years later, people will still ask me about my rumours!”

Justin then said, “When reading other people’s rumours, I will wonder which are real and which are just made up lies.” Justin then revealed that he has already had 3 rumoured girlfriends since entering the entertainment circle for half a year, rumoured girlfriends include, Janice Wei, Toby Leung and Gia Lin. Justin laughed and said, “In half a year I have 3. In 10 years I will have 60! I’m a record breaker!” The reporters immediately asked Justin which out of the three girls were real girlfriends, Justin then cheekily answered, “Do you think I’ll tell you?!”

During the interview, Miki’s voice sounded raspy. Miki explained, “During the New Year, I was betting. Maybe because I was yelling too much and so, ended up losing my voice. I lost my voice for 5 days!"

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