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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Justin, Edmond, William, Stephy, Kary To Be Highly Promoted

The company Gold Label had splendid performances this past year and yesterday artists Edmond Leung, Justin, Miki Yeung, Theresa Fu and others went to go pray at an ancient temple, hoping to have as great results in the dog year.

Yesterday all the artists started by giving out red envelopes and Edmond gave out 100 Yuan in each envelope, which was considered the most. The company has also purchased 3 giant incenses for 1,280 Yuan. Their manager has also said this year Justin, Edmond, William So, Stephy Tang, and Kary Ng will be highly promoted.

Justin expresses that this is his first time praying with the company and hopes that after this, rumors will be far away from him. After the 'sleeping over one night' rumor for Gia Lin, Justin said, "I will not feel unhappy, this is actually good news since I get support from the whole music industry!" He expresses this did not affect his mood, "It just gives me more inspirations to write songs!" There has been a report that he will returning to his 'backstage' work, he said, "I did think about going back to be a producer after the concert for a few months, but I will not quit singing since I like that as well." He also says that this has not affected his relationship with Gia, but especially inspired him to write a song for her.

As with Edmond, his album in which he has spent a year on will soon be released. He has a new plug released recently and has great ambition for this new album, "I hope this album can lead me to my own concert." As with the prosperous red envelopes, he expressed that he always had the practice of passing out red envelopes ever since little, "When I was little, I would hide all the envelopes and give them out to my younger siblings, and I don't know why!"

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