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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Justin Hopes to Sneak Pictures Of Papparazzi For Revenge

Newcomer king Justin has always given everyone a mysterious look and has been bothered by the papparazzi lately, hoping to reveal his private life. Last night he attended a music show rehearsal and expressed that he and good friend Alex Fong has been discussing a plan to sneak pictures of the papparazzis in return.

When asked how he would do such thing, he said, "I'm always followed by people in the day and night and it's like going to jail. I really want them to experience how it is like to be followed and taken pictures of, but the pictures will not be revealed." He also expressed that for Valentine's Day, the present he wants the most is the papparazzi of the magazine's telephone and address. As with the use of it, he is currently keeping a secret of it.

Moreover, Don Li, Mandy Chiang, and Kary Ng also attended the rehearsal. Don expressed that in this new year, he will focus on his work and the goal is to become a car owner, "I don't want to date this year. If I buy a car, it'll be easier to ask a girl out."

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