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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Latest Rumoured Couple: Miriam Yeung & Soler's Dino!

Miriam Yeung has once again found herself a rumoured partner, with reports saying that she is dating Soler’s, younger twin, Dino. A magazine said that two months ago, Justin Lo had introduced Miriam to the twins and Miriam immediately fell victim to the attractive Dino. It is said Miriam has been constantly ringing Dino, using her interest for rock and roll as an excuse, to ask him out for dinner. There have also been reports saying that Miriam is now dieting after knowing that Dino liked skinny girls.

Last night, Dino and his older brother, Julio, attended a function. Dino was asked about his rumours with Miriam. Dino expressed that without saying anything, people would realise if it was true or not. One of the pictures in the article was not even of him, it was Julio! Dino revealed that he was not close to Miriam but seeing her several times at function, gave him an impression that she was a very cute, unique, humorous and positive girl. When asked if he had any intentions to ask her out, Dino said he did not and that it was all up to fate.

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