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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Leo Ku & Cecilia Cheung 'Cry With Love'

Cecilia Cheung and Leo Ku worked together on the movie, 'My Kungfu Sweetheart', which has started airing in cinemas. As it is nearing Valentine’s Day, the two were asked to become the front cover models for a magazine. The two shared talks about the topic, 'Cry with Love'. Cecilia believes that through the tears, we can learn some important things such as even if you’re sad or happy, you must be determined to face the problem. Leo believes that tears are a part of human feelings and is necessary.

Cecilia, who has walked a rocky road in her love life, has great emotions. To withhold the theme of ‘Cry with Love’, Cecilia posed still, with tears of emotions flooding her eyes. Cecilia expressed that she is not opposed to crying and will be determined to face any happiness and sadness. When talking about her ‘Cry with Love’ experiences, Cecilia said that every time she cries, she will not wipe them off because while she cries, she will learn from her tears. Cecilia believes that there is no way to stop the tears so she will continue to cry and continue to love.

When talking about crying for love, Leo believes that crying and laughing is the same because both of these actions are performed by human instincts.

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