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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lucky Michelle Shares Her Lucky Draw Win

Michelle Ye was spending the Lunar New Year with her family in Hang Zhou, returning recently to start work on a new movie called 'Champion Rascal' (my translation) 《 至 尊 無 賴》. While attending a New Year celebratory dinner thrown by her management company, she won a lucky draw prize of $5,000, which she promptly shared with her manager.

Yesterday, she attended a publicity event. Michelle was heard coughing; it turns out that because she was busy working, she had fallen ill with a cold. Michelle was asked if she had visited her tycoon Godfather to pay her respects during the new year. Laughingly, she replied, “Not yet. (Are you planning to make it up?) The New Year will be over already. (Aren’t you worried about missing the visit?) No. Work comes first.”

Michelle’s birthday falls on V-Day, and she revealed that she would not need to work that day. When asked how she was planning to spend that day, she replied, “It will be quite special as someone has dated me that day. I’m not going to tell you who it is. (Is it a guy?) I’m not saying! But I have already received many presents, but my favourite is the gift from my nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards.”

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Oriental Daily


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