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Friday, February 17, 2006

Michelle Ye Recieves 999 Roses On Her Birthday

Yesterday, on Valentine's Day, was Michelle Ye Suen's 26th birthday. Michelle took a taxi to Wan Chai to have dinner with her godfather, Cheng Yu Tung. After dinner, Michelle left with several bags of birthday gifts.
Michelle accepted a telephone interview and said that she received 100 amorous love text messages, as well as 999 white roses. "The gifts were not very expensive, but they come from the heart."
What did Michelle receive from her godfather? Michelle declined to answer. But she said that the white roses she received were imprinted with words on them.
Reporter: What about the person who gave you flowers, will you give him due credit?

Michelle: What due credit? I can't label him as my boyfriend, as I receive many flowers from other people, including women.

At the end of the conversation, Michelle decided not to reveal the identity of the person who gave her flowers. "It's a good friend. If I say who it is, then he will no longer send flowers! But it is such a large bouquet, I don't have room to place it in my home. I am grateful for his sincerity though. (Is it from your godfather?) No! (From Chan Kwok Keung?) No!"

Although Michelle did not say his name, when the reporter asked if he is one of her pursuers,
Michelle sounded happy. As for the text messages, a lot of them were sugar-coated with amorous words. Michelle said she did not respond to all of them since there were too many. She also didn't know who sent some of the messages though.

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The Sun


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