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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Miriam & Leo Are The Valuable Ones To Gold Label

Old lovers Miriam Yeung and Ronald Cheng attended Gold Label's celebration night last night. Even though they agreed to take pictures together from the reporters' requests, they not talk with each other. Although Miriam is still 'lonely', she and Leo Ku becomes the valuable ones to the company.

Other than Miriam and Ronald, Leo Ku, Cookies, Edmond Leung, William So, Justin, Jan Lam, Alex Fong, Lam Jik, Bernice Liu (all of Gold Label's members) also came. Miriam and Ronald stood away from each other and had to be pulled together by the reporters. After the pictures, they both went to their seats. But before
Ronald arrived, Miriam was seen talking with Ronald's father!

Because Ronald overslept, he was late for the event. As with rumored girlfriend Charlene flying to America to 'meet the parents', he said, "I don't know! Not answering!" When asked how he would celebrate Valentine's day, he said, "I have to work that day. (Will you give out flowers and presents?) Not answering."

Moreover, Miriam and Leo becomes the valuable members of Gold Label. Miriam joked, "Everyone is important if they earn money. I don't want my company to feed me like a baby." On Valentine's Day, Miriam has to take promotional pictures for her new movie 《天生一對》. Leo also expressed that this is the year he earned the most but won't reveal how much. During the celebration, Leo and Ronald both received a mp3 and cash prize and both of them donated the cash prize. Edmond and Alex become the winning group in the beer drinking competition.

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