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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Myolie Interview

Myolie Was Once A Big Rice Item (A No-body), Acted Like A Pig To Eat Tiger (Hiding Behind Others But Found Ways To Succeed)
was once just a no-body, acting like an item of rice, director yelled and disregarded her at best to become a fourth-tier actress, nowadays, she has become TVB's top fadan, her strong, independent character, without many noticing, came out on top of many others, surprised a lot of people. The rather confident Myolie honestly suggesting her desire in her career, winning the Best Actress Award sometimes in the future, despite the good chemistry with her rumored boyfriend Bosco, but choosing between a fish and a bear palm, she would have to pick the award as her priority.

Career: Director's prediction, Myolie will never gain popularity
Miss Hong Kong 1999, Myolie has been working for six years in the business, in such short period of time, she has become TVB top fadans, comparing herself with others who started around the same time, Tavia, Shirley, Anne Heung, Myolie is to no surprise a little ahead, earlier, Myolie was interviewed about this question, and her answer was rather a confident one.

"I have analyzed it myself, I was never under the spotlight, always on the outside looking in without many people noticing, however, sometimes because of people not knowing, I have moved further ahead the most. I recall my time attending the game show 'Weakiest Link,' no one really noticed me, at the end, I came out on top, speak less and work more, it is actually better that I was not in the spotlight, hence, no one else tried to get me out." (Note: 2001 Miss Hong Kong version of 'Weakiest Link', eight prior years of Miss Hong Kongs attending the game show, at first, both Anne and Shirley did well, at the end though, Myolie came out on top and won.)

Stubborn with a competitive mind
A couple of years ago, Myolie has a rounder face, a 'dumb-dumb' look, definitely the kind of person who plays the little sister character, at that time, was she being looked down by anyone? "All the time! However, if I started well, then I wouldn't be where I am today, I feel that I am a person with a competitive mind and heart, stubborn. Others looked at you and say, "How can you succeed?" Well, you don't think I can? Then, I will prove that I can!"

Five years ago, Myolie was in the series, 'The Family Man' and one of the director predicted that she won't succeed for sure, at present, Myolie still remembers his words quite clearly, "At that time, one of the director said to me, (No matter how I look at you, you will only be a fourth-tier actress!) That series, I acted along side Flora, Sonija, Lau Kam Ling, director went on, (For people like you, if you can't come out on top from the start, you don't stand a chance to compete, it will be difficult for you to succeed!) For such comments, they hurt me a lot, first of all, I was only a new-bie in the business, others commented with experience, and at that time I thought, what they said were probably right, they have been in the business for so long, I asked myself, am I really going to be who he said? A example who will failure rather than succeed? I was rather unhappy when the director said those words, Paul Chuen, who played my dad in the series, advised me not to take it to heart so much, the more important thing is to be myself, be the person that I am, and be confident in myself."

"In the business, pretty girls are all over the place, looking at my body, there are rather many others with a better one, therefore, I needed to work even harder. Paul said I could prove the director wrong, and I did surprise many people, the ones who didn't believe I can make it. I was actually quite satisifed with my performance/results last year, despite not winning any awards at TVB function, but I have won the approval of many, people who agree with my work."

Does Myolie want to win the Best Actress Award? "Yes, this is one of my goals, singing is the other, it is not only about acting in series." In between words, Myolie showed her confident, "In the past, I wasn't a very confident person, now, I am building my confident one step at a time, sometimes, you just need to believe in yourself, if you are always unsure, others don't even know what you really want."

Ah Jie Made Pointers
TVB's Best Actress Award is Myolie's career goal, however, the award is a rather competitive one, "I believe all actresses would like to win the award, including myself, I want it badly, it symbolizes the approval of your work by the others, healthy competition is good, but once a fortune-teller said to me, I would win when I am thirty years old, at the present time, I need to gain more experience, I still have lots to learn, and many areas to improve on."

Myolie looks at acting to be her lifetime work, her career, hopefully, one day her status will be as successful as Liza Jie, "At the times for 'The Awakening Story' I worked with Liza Jie, I was an unknown at that time, and she has already given me pointers, not by the means of yelling, but I recall it was for one scene, with me being on the side, Liza said to me, (You come closer, with your face in the scene it will be a prettier one.) I said to her, (What should I do?) Comes to think of it, I was rather dumb! (You just be who you are supposed to be, your character!) Liza Jie was actually giving me pointers, putting money in my pocket so does speak. When we filmed 'When Rules Turn Lose' she said to me once, commented on the fact that my attitude at work made her recall the time when herself was still young, able to stand all the hard work, I was so happy about Liza Jie's comments, I believe I will be acting for the rest of my life, I hope to become as successful as Liza Jie is today sometimes in the future."

Love: There Is A Chance With Bosco

Last year, the series 'Wars of In-Laws' with Myolie and Bosco, was quite a success because of the story, acting, and ratings that followed; however, the rumors between the two was rather entertaining than the series itself. This time around, Myolie tells all about her relationship with Bosco, speaking of the chance to further on their relationship, Myolie was a little conserved, "At this point in time, we are very good friends, he is a person who I can talk to, from the heart, however, I am not the kind of person who easily fall in love with another person, perhaps I have many many demands, I want to have someone who is able to help me think, good communication between the two of us, cannot be too 'far-fit' (multiple hearts), treat my family well, and like the things that I like, with similar interests, happy, always looking to improve, good heart, able to assist with my weakness/downside, because I am simply an emotional person."

During the filming with 'WOIL', there are much times for Myolie and Bosco to spend time with one another, good looking guy and pretty girl, there should be no surprise that the two hit it off, Myolie insisted there was not any sparks, "Raymond and Ron are all good looking too, I am acting along side so many gorgeous people, and I have to like all of them, it is just too hurt-ful for me in return, I rather win my Best Actress Award first, there are too much that I have not accomplished."

Myolie suggested that she does not feel any intention of Bosco trying to pursue herself, when speaking of Bosco trying to date her, Myolie's reactions were 'crazy,' "We are only colleagues at work! Honestly, being a friend, he has always been a hard worker, too bad that everything has been overshadowed by the rumors, being passive, when carried a meal for another person, there will be news about trying to date so and so; when there was eye contacts, there will be news about trying to send signals; sometimes, the nature of your work cannot avoid news like the above, and somehow they will affect your image, the fact is you can't stop others from talking about news like those, being in the passive side, as long as the news aren't too exaggerating."

One of the rumor was about Bosco sending over six hundred SMS to Myolie, "He did SMS me, but not that much, it was not that crazy. It is old news already, do I not have other qualities to talk about? It is not that I don't want to comment further, I just don't want those news to cover up what I am actually doing, every time I attended a function, everyone asked about the rumors with another person, I get paid to attend functions, but the results were only about my rumors with so and so, it is not beneficial to anyone, about rumors with others, I have been linked with almost everyone I have worked with."

The important fact however is that Myolie's rumor with Bosco was for the longest time, and the most popular, "May be it was the results of the successful series, I don't mind being an on-screen couple with him, we have great chemistry working together, I simply want to speak less about us." Would the relationship come true? "I cannot say it is impossible, who knows? It is never definite, bottom line is, there is nothing going on right now, TVB is giving me the opportunity to work on so many things, if I haven't completed them, and go ahead and start dating, it is simply wrong."

Dating takes time
After all, Myolie works hard at her career at such a young age, doesn't she want someone at her side to comfort her, fish and bear palm, is she at the point in her life standing at the intersection of a crossroad? "I still need to find the right guy, for me to start dating, it is not because I want someone to lean, hence, just pick the guy who is beside me right now, at the very least, let me win the Best Actress Award first, then I will think about it. It takes time to date, there will be less time to work, I can't want something, and ask for something else, I am only at the start of being a top fadan, given the chance to sing, slowly approaching the market in China, there are too many things in front of me, if I start dating, I will be giving up many excellent opportunities."

After-words: Solutions to maturity
One year ago,
Myolie was being surrounded by rumors of her own when interviewed by us, she is simply an honest person, who only tells the truth, as a result, her comments were misunderstood by many, at the time, her manager was so stress out, doing the best to correct her comments; this time around, Myolie was opened to all questions, even though not all of them were being answered, there was no need for anyone to correct what she said, obviously, Myolie has grown up, become a more mature person. Perhaps it has to do with all her rumors and experience, being the solutions for people in the business to learn about the way of life.

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