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Friday, February 24, 2006

Myolie Wu Afraid Of Gaining Weight, Sticks To Bean Curd Diet

Myolie Wu Hang Yee is currently in Kunming filming for TVB's "Tai Chi." The filming and resting schedules are quite regular; Myolie has been rising early and eating 3 meals per day.

However, since the food in Kunming tends to be oily, Myolie is afraid that she will gain weight. Myolie carries canned bean curd and dace fish with her at all times. If she sees that the food served is overly greasy, she can always eat the canned food.

TVB will be releasing a compilation CD of theme songs, of which Myolie's theme song will be included. Myolie said, "I brought the lyrics of the song with me. Whenever I have time, I will practice it at the hotel. When the production crew heard me sing it, they said it sounded good!"

"If I have a chance, I would like to sign with a music company to release my own album. Also, I would like to take singing and dancing classes. They would be helpful for my career."

This is the first time that Myolie has been to Kunming. When she saw wildflowers which were as tall as her waist, growing over the entire field, Myolie took a lot of photos. "The flowers resemble sunflowers; the blossoms are huge! They are very pretty!"

"Actually the strawberries in Kunming are very delicious too! They are very big and sweet. If I buy $30 yuan of strawberries, it is enough to feed my whole family." Since there are so many delicious things to eat in Kunming, Myolie is afraid of gaining weight. That is why she would prefer to eat canned bean curd rather than the greasy food.

Co-star Vincent Zhao has announced he will be getting married with his girlfriend this year. Before Myolie heard the wedding news, she had seen Vincent with his girlfriend on the set together. Myolie is very happy for them and wishes them a happy marriage.

[X] credit: Jayne @
The Sun, Appledaily


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