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Saturday, February 25, 2006

New & Old Fa Dans Sonija Kwok & Margie Tsang Praises Each Other

Margie Tsang is a guest host for the radio program “The Family World” and she invited Sonija Kwok for an interview yesterday. Margie and Sonija are two television fa dans, but at a different time. The two of them were talking a lot about the amusing things when filming series. It is very rare that Margie and Sonija suits ancient as well as modern settings. The same goes for Charmaine Sheh and Tavia Yeung. However, Myolie Wu is more suitable for modern series.

says that she likes watching Margie’s performances and hopes that she would pick up acting again. Sonija revealed that she will film a modern series in March and as she now has vacation, she plans to travel through Southeast Asia with her mother. But she suddenly received a message from the paparazzi asking her where she will be travelling. She says: “If one has to go travelling like that, then it loses all sense. What if my mother wears a bathing suit, she doesn’t like to be taken her pictures, so my family didn’t want to go!” The reporter said that the paparazzi was probably only interested in the pictures of her new love. Sonija said that she rather finds a journalist to reveal it and then everyone could even take pictures. She frankly says that when someone sneakily take her pictures, it is best for them that she doesn’t discover them. It is like magazines secretly take pictures after artists have shared their love with the magazine, she really doesn’t agree with such a procedure. She also expressed that she doesn’t like to make news for a magazine like that. Although, it didn’t go like planned, she smiles that she still won’t waste her vacation. Every day, she is watching VCD’s at home now.

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Takungpao, The Sun


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