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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New TVB Series "Sau Sun Chuen" Costume Fitting

TVB's new series, "Sau Sun Chuen" (literal translation- 'Searching for God Chronicles') held its costume fitting yesterday. The series stars Sunny Chan Kam Hung, Benny Chan Ho Man, Linda Chung Ka Yan, Helena Tam Siu Wan, Stephen Au Kam Tong,and Nancy Wu Ding Yan.
In the series, Linda will have many new challenges, such as playing a seductress, ugly woman, and old woman. One of her images include a large mole on her face. Asked if Linda expects her "ugly" image to be as successful as Angela Tong Ying Ying's in "Life Made Simple," Linda said, "I will not have such big expectations. But as the series allows new experimentation, I am looking forward to the challenge!"

Linda said she does not mind appearing with an ugly image in the series. But she is worried about the make-up that she needs to put on for her old image. "I am afraid of appearing as an old woman the most. My skin is very sensitive and I am concerned with the amount of make-up I will need to put on."

Linda said this will be the second time that she will be playing a goddess. There will be a lot of action sequences in the series, so there will be a need for wirework. There will be a love triangle between Sunny, Linda, and Benny, but the plot's main focus will not be on the love relationships. Also Linda said that she is not afraid of possible rumors between Benny Chan and her as the both of them have collaborated before.

"Sau Sun Chuen" will be similiar to TVB's previous productions, "Gods of Honor" and "Journey to the West." In the new series, Sunny Chan, Benny Chan, and Linda Chung will achieve godly status, becoming the gods of Fook, Sau, Luk (Luck, Wealth, and Longevity).

Benny arrived a little late to the costume fitting. His voice was hoarse, as the night before, he met with the cast and crew of "A Pillowcase of Mystery" to celebrate the high ratings. Benny said that "A Pillowcase of Mystery" had special significance for him as it has been 10 years since he has joined TVB. His first series was in "Semi Gods Semi Devils" produced by Lee Tim Sing and coincidentally Lee also produced "A Pillowcase of Mystery" as well. Benny joked and said that he deserves a 10 year anniversary award from TVB.

Benny has had prior experience acting in fantasy dramas. Benny said that in the new series, he will have a scene where his clothes would burst apart. "But my underwear will definitely not explode onscreen. The series will air during prime time, so it will be suitable for the whole family to watch!"

As news broke earlier on Nancy Wu's romance with Deep Ng Ho Hong, Nancy tried to avoid the reporters yesterday. When the reporters congratulated her on the relationship, Nancy said "Happy Birthday," a totally irrelevant response.

When the reporters pointed out that Deep seems to care more about the relationship, Nancy said, "Well girls like to keep these things inside. Also dating is personal matter, so it is best to talk about work." Deep said that Nancy was hard to pursue? "No, that's not true!" But Nancy did reveal that the two of them spent a romantic Valentine's Day together.

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