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Saturday, February 04, 2006

New TVB Series "Thousand Lies Various Schemes"

Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Sammul Chan Kin Fung, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, and Kate Tsui Tsi San were at the opening ceremony for new TVB series 'Thousand Lies Various Schemes' (千謊百計) yesterday.

Both Bosco and Sammul revealed that they bought shoes over the New Year holiday [which allegedly brings upon bad luck]; Bosco was scolded by his manager as a result.

Sammul lost his ID in Macau and was detained by authories, so he could not return to work in time. "I am filming 2 series simultaneouly. Since I was late, I could not film scenes for my other series 'Trendy Lawyer.' In addition to impacting other actors' schedules, I have to rearrange a time to refilm the scenes. Maybe my bad luck is caused by the fact that I bought shoes over New Year's."

Sammul also revealed that when he went to eat dinner with his family, he had placed reservation for a table for 7 people. However when they arrived, they were given a table for 4 people. "It's not a matter whether we could sit comfortably or not, but the number 4 is bad luck." Sammul and his family decided to eat dinner at another restaurant instead. Sammul is afraid that his bad luck will stay with him for the whole year of the dog.

Bosco also bought shoes over the New Year holiday. Since he had a little free time the day after New Year's, he went shopping. He bought 2 pairs of shoes. When his manager saw that he bought shoes, she scolded him. Asked if Bosco truly believes if he will get bad luck as a result, he said, "It's better to believe it rather than not. My mother reminded me to not buy shoes; it is my fault for forgetting. Hopefully I will not have to suffer the whole year!"

As for Shirley, she collected a lot of red envelopes over the holiday. Her dog won some prizes at a promotion event. Shirley said that is a lucky start for the New Year! She has already visited her boyfriend, Lee Wing Ho's family's home. When does Shirley plan to get married? "I will have to think about it when I am 30 years old. In the new series, I will play a mute violinist, so I had to learn sign language and how to play the violin." Shirley mentioned that she plans to continue violin lessons afterwards.

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The Sun


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