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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nicholas Tse Gave Chocolate To Gillian Chung, But Not Charlene Choi

It was Valentine's Day two days ago; while everyone was sweetly with their mates, Twins and Nicholas Tse were actually working. They were filming a new season of commecials for a Mainland brand of sportswear and sneakers. Even though they had to work on Valentine's Day, it didn't affect their moods at all. Nicholas also has plans to treat Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung out to dinner, and Charlene and Gillian also gave out chocolate to everyone!

To film the commercial, Twins and Nicholas had to get up at four in the morning and were filming for twenty hours straight; it was very tiring. While Charlene was filming, she felt a little dizzy. Asking if they'll go out to dinner after getting off work, Charlene responded, "It's pretty late; I'm afraid even if Nicholas treats me out, I won't have the appetite to eat it." Gillian replied, "I haven't received any Valentine's Day presents, but I've received greetings from friends on SMS." They expressed that there's no problem with working on Valentine's Day since they are earning money at the same time. Asking Charlene if Ronald Cheng expressed anything towards her, she refused to respond. When asked if Alex Fong was busy on that day, Gillian also didn't respond.
Charlene expressed that when she went to see '49 Days' with Gillian the other night, she left the movie in the middle of it because she was too scared. The good thing is the responses about the movie was very good, and many people were there to support it. Charlene said that she saw many people there that night; she and Gillian got 2,000$HK worth of money from red envelopes that night. The two of them each got about 6,000$HK during this Chinese New Year. The biggest red envelope was from Mr. and Mrs. Yeung. Twins both gave out red envelopes which valued to five place values in total. Asking if Charlene received any red envelopes when going to America, she continued to not respond, but said that she received one from the commercial boss. Also, Charlene got hit in the butt from Nicholas' soccerball; she joked that he should pay her 100,000HK$ for doing that.

When taking photos, Nicholas refused to give Charlene any chocolate, but was only willing to put chocolate in Gillian's mouth. He then expressed, "Charlene isn't for me to give chocolate to!" Charlene replied, "You're outdated! Not fashionable at all!" Then Nicholas explained afterwards it really isn't that good for either of them to have photos taken of them with their mouth open, so he ended up eating most of the chocolate. Asking why he's on a diet? He said that there's a commercial later on where he has to go topless, so he has to stay fit. Asking if he feels lonely working on Valentine's Day? He expressed that he's been spending his Valentine's Day while working for three years now, and he's a person who loves himself and won't mind being alone. Does Nicholas want to date though? He said that he'll see where fate takes him, but he doesn't have anyone in mind right now.

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