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Friday, February 10, 2006

Niki Chow Grows A Small Pot Belly

Niki Chow and Joyce Lee attended the filming of ‘Jade Solid Gold’. Niki revealed that she stayed at home this Chinese New Year and went crazy eating Chinese pudding and other desserts, causing her to grow a small pot belly. Niki laughed and said that to make sure nobody accuses her of being pregnant, she will diet straight away. Niki and her rumoured boyfriend, Kevin Cheng’s, television series, 'Under the Canopy of Love', will be airing soon. Niki hopes that the series will rate well.

On Valentines' Day, Niki will be promoting ‘Under the Canopy of Love’. When asked if Kevin has given her a Valentines' Day present, Niki said, “This year I may receive 2 Valentines' Day presents from the leading actors, Kevin and Bosco!” Niki expressed that she has spent the consecutive 4 years of Valentines' Day alone and described herself as ‘dry’.

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