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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Niki Chow Hopes To Get Rid of Rumors This Year

Niki Chow has been surrounded by rumors last year and was even given nicknames. Entering the dog year, she especially went to a temple to pray, hoping that she will be far away from rumors.

Even though Niki made her debut four years ago, she has just signed with BMA as a singer last year. Niki has always been thought of the female newcomer queen especially when she released her album. But until the end of last year, Janice popped out and was compared with Niki.

Niki has a practice of going to temples every year and yesterday she was accompanied by her assistant to go to a temple. When she lighted the incense, she said, "I hope I will have no rumors this year, but the most important is good health." She expresses that she has weak health since a girl and was always continously worried by her family.

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