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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rain Li Hints That Raymond Lam Is APlayer

Yesterday Mulberry had their 2006 Spring Leather Accessories show. The guests present included Raymond Lam Fung, Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Rain Li Choi Wah, Cathy Tsui Tsi Kei, Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, model Amanda Strang etc. The media's attention was focused on Rain Li and Raymond Lam, as they were a past rumored couple.

Rain attended the event by wearing a low-cut flower dress. Rain said that she knew beforehand that would be present at the event, also saying that RaymondRaymond appeared to be quite calm at the event.

Rain said, "I watched Raymond's latest series 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion.' If the show has Sharon Chan in it, I would definitely watch it. Earlier for his birthday, I sent him a text message. But he couldn't meet up for dinner because he was in China filming at the time."

Since Rain's good friend, Sharon Chan, has been rumored to be dating Raymond, Rain said, "I asked Sharon about it, but she said the dating rumors are false. Sharon said that she is looking for a long-lasting relationship; she is not looking for a short fling."

Is Rain implying that Raymond is a player in love affairs? "I don't know; I'm just repeating what Sharon told me."

Maybe Sharon is dating Raymond, but not sharing the news with Rain? Rain responded, "I trust Sharon since we are good friends. If they are really together, she would tell me." Rain also said that if Raymond and herself were to do a fashion catwalk together, she will not feel embarrassed, but there might be new sparks.

Rain also said that she is not currently dating, but this year her fortune will bring good luck in love affairs. Is it Siu Ding Yat? "I've known him for 2-3 years. If we were to date, it would have happened a long time ago. I prefer love at first sight, but I have not met the right person yet."

As for Raymond, he had explained earlier that he only has a brother-sister relationship with Sharon. When he found out rumored ex-girlfriend Rain was also present, Raymond said, "[The rumors] are from so long ago."

What does Raymond think of Rain now? "She has lost a lot of weight; she looks good!"

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The Sun


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