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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Raymond Lam Fell In Love With Smelly Tofu

Yesterday morning Raymond Lam and Sharon Chan accepted an interview from new program ‘The Family World’.

After 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion' has changed to the 10pm time slot, the ratings still hasn’t improved and even fell 4 points last week. Raymond Lam indicated that with the New Year celebrations many people travelled abroad. As long as he did his best, he wouldn’t mind the ratings. When asked whether he felt that TVB changing time slots all the time has any influence, he said: “This is what the company has arranged. Actually the ratings haven’t fluctuated that much since the time slot was changed. Besides, nowadays, many people finish work late, so at 10 pm more people will watch TV;”

Raymond Lam will leave today for Kunming where he will continue filming 'Tai Chi'. He has been filming there for a while now and many said that he returned looking a bit fat. Some even described that his tummy has ‘exploded’. He explained: “Actually I’ve only gained two pounds, all due to the good local food and living there. Especially the smelly tofu. In fact, it isn’t smelly, but rather delicious. Previously, I was afraid of it, but now I really like it. (Do you think that your weight gain will affect the series?) No, I’ve watched the playback and everything is OK. (Do you mind people calling you fat?) No, but everyone has eyes. I am not that fat? Maybe it’s because I was too thin when filming for 'La Femme Desperado'. Therefore people aren’t used to seeing me anymore after I’ve gained two pounds.” Asked whether he will take some equipment with him to exercise and lose some weight, he expressed that last time he brought a sun lamp to tan his face. But as they were at a certain height, the ultraviolet rays were very strong. Therefore he hasn’t used it and could only take it back.

Also about his new series 'Tai Chi' with Vincent Zhao, he was asked whether they will have a fight together. Raymond Lam expressed that he has only tried to hit the opposite party, he hasn’t tried a one-to-one fight though. But usually he sees the others practicing martial arts with strong kicking skill, therefore he will ask them for advice.

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Takungpao, The Sun


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