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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Raymond Lam Returns To Hong Kong To Save The Ratings

Currently Raymond Lam is filming in Beijing, but yesterday he returned to Hong Kong to attend a promotion function for 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion'. Raymond admits that the ratings weren’t satisfying and hopes that his return will give them a boost. When asked whether Michael Miu will participate in the new series, he replied: “So far, I haven’t seen him appear yet! I am cooperating with Vincent Zhao. He is already back to reading his script when he hasn’t even left his position yet. Very hard-working!” Also returning back to Hong Kong were Liza Wang and Law Ka Ying from their trip to Japan. Both of them were in a good mood and wished everyone a Happy New Year, they even posed for a group photo with their fans. Very nice! Reporters asked them whether they have visited Ninth Province [some place in Japan, 九州]? However, Ka Ying misunderstood it for Europe. He has also revealed that he will help set up a Chinese drama programme at the performance institute, so he has returned to Hong Kong to start preparing.

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The Sun


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