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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Raymond Lam: The Role Suits Him Well

Earlier, when filming for “Tai Chi”, it was the first time that the reporter saw TVB rising siu sang Raymond Lam. With his energetic personality, he appears to be very much at ease when filming. And when he doesn’t need to film, he is chatting and laughing with the people around him. He also doesn’t forget to satisfy each fan’s request.

No Colleague As Girlfriend
As he is very handsome, does he frequently revolve around beautiful women? “No, I don’t. You don’t know how fierce the Hong Kong paparazzi are. When I and a female friend or maybe a colleague are at a same place, they will write that she is my rumoured girlfriend. Therefore I will have no beautiful women around me.” When asked which type of girl he likes, he didn’t mind sharing: “Generous, open and bright. It is also very important that her looks are pleasing to the eyes, because the feeling that a girl gives with her first impression is important. You will naturally want to get in touch with her. To know if you suit each other, you can only know that after you have made contact.”

As he is very busy with work, Raymond hasn’t got a girlfriend. If he wants to find love, he expressed that he will definitely not look for a girlfriend in the entertainment circle. “I believe that when two people are together, they each have to have their own personal space. If I find a girlfriend from the entertainment circle, then we will see each other at work and when we get off work we will also see each other. You will easily get fed up with that person. I am someone who doesn’t like people to say what I should and must do. And I also don’t like it when people are always asking me what I am doing at the moment. When looking for a girlfriend, her character can’t be too similar to mine. She certainly has to be able to understand me.”

Want To Be An Idol And A Capable Artist
In recent years, Raymond has been idolised by many female fans. He was put by his fans in an idol/ artist spot, regarding such rank Raymond appeared to be very excited: “For putting me in an idol ranking, for me this is a confirmation from my fans. Of course, I am very excited about it. I want to do my best to be an artist who is both an idol and a capable actor. The status of an idol is given by others, however capacity depends on oneself and hard work.”

Because of the screen time in the series “Tai Chi” with Vincent Zhao, Raymond’s fan club posted some messages on the web, worried that he doesn’t have much screen time. So that other artists might steal its limelight. He personally does not approve of such a view. “Actually, the weight of one’s role is not that important, what is more important is whether a role suits oneself. I like my role in “Tai Chi” a lot. The portrayal flexibility is very big, as long as I develop it very good.” He is very grateful for the support of his fans.

After the drama team of “Tai Chi” has shoot in Kunming, the reporter has received many telephone inquiries about the shooting place by Raymond’s fanatics. At the place where they are filming, everyday there will be many fans of Raymond visiting the set. Some come from Chengdu, but also from Hong Kong as well as from many places all over the country. Regarding his fans, Raymond tries to fulfil their wishes as much as possible: “I am very touched, they all come from such far places to see me. I really have to thank them for it.”

After he became popular, he continually received the love of his fans. During the conversation, he has expressed many times his gratitude to his fans. “The support they give me is immense. The most touching time was my birthday from last year. Fans from all over the country came to Hong Kong and organised a very big birthday party for me. Before they blindfolded me, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw that big pile of presents. I was so thrilled that I spoke very incoherently. I am really grateful for everyone’s support.”

In his free time, Raymond likes to be peacefully. He also likes to be on his own at home, enjoying his free time. “When I am alone I will surf the net and listen to music. Sometimes I will chat all day with my friends. The majority of my friends are all in the entertainment circle, that is why I spend quite a lot of time with them. I frequently go swimming with them, it is a lot of fun.”

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