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Monday, February 13, 2006

Raymond Lam & Sharon Share Romantic Valentine's Day

In this generation, many people have been treating Valentine's Day as a big holiday. Young people can find a reason to have fun while couples can spend the day romantically. What about Raymond Lam Fung and Sharon Chan Man Chi, who are not a couple?

The reporter arranged for an interview at Lan Kwai Fong to try out a delicious Valentine's Day dinner. Let's hear about Raymond and Sharon's Valentine Day stories!

Raymond is a traditional male and it is not easy for him to say, "I love you." But if he comes across the right girl, then it would not be a problem for him to say those words; Raymond would rather express his feelings in Chinese as they are more meaningful than English. What about posting his love message on a billboard? Raymond said, "My significant other will understand my deep feelings of love, so no need to post it publicly."

There is an obvious difference in perspectives between men and women, as Sharon strongly supported a public message of love.

The reporter asked how Raymond and Sharon will be spending Valentine's Day. As they are both highly attractive, there should be many people wanting to date them!

Raymond said that he will be spending a very heart warming Valentine's Day. "I will be in Kunming filming 'Tai Chi' so I am sure I will have a very warm Valentine's Day. Because I will be filming together with the crew!"

Raymond said that he hasn't dated in 7 years. Over the last 7 years, he has been working on Valentine's Day. Raymond said he would love to be a normal person and just take his girlfriend out for dinner and movies on Valentine's Day. He would buy her flowers as well.

Sharon used to date Matt Yeung Ming and after breaking up for 2 years has not dated anyone else. But Sharon is mature now and said that you don't have to necessarily spend Valentine's Day with your boyfriend; hanging out with friends is just as fun.

But Sharon cherished the past memories with ex-boyfriend Matt. She said that on one Valentine's, Matt hid his gift in the closet. Sharon didn't ask Matt why he didn't buy her a Valentine's gift, but Matt found many excuses to ask Sharon to go to the closet to get something. After Matt urged her to fetch something several times, Sharon discovered Matt's Valentine's gift in the closet. Sharon was moved to tears. Although Sharon and Matt are no longer together, their Valentine experiences will remain as happy memories.

Both Raymond and Sharon said in unison that they do not have special feelings for each other; they treat each other as brother and sister. Although rumors about them continue to circulate, Raymond and Sharon said as long as they know how they both feel, that's what matters.

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