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Monday, February 20, 2006

Roger Kwok & Ron Ng Doing A Show At Ocean’s Park

Roger Kwok and Ron Ng, two TVB siu sangs, attended a show “3M-思高海洋公園樂滿Fun” at Ocean’s Park as its honoured guests. Before they went on stage, they walked near the basin to enjoy the performances of the sea animals. They said in unison: “Some people from the audience could come on stage with the porpoise. When the sea lions were playing, we all have to raise our hands. However, the staff was afraid that we would wet our body, so they didn’t select us which was quite disappointing”. But they did take the opportunity to take pictures of the porpoise and the sea lions with their mobile phone. They were very excited about the fact that they could get so close to enjoy the sea life.

When they came on stage to perform, the audience responded very warmly. Roger even went over to shake hands with the audience, he excitedly said: “It was like doing a show in Hung Hom concert hall”. When asked whether he helped out at home, Roger frankly said that he has a cleaner. He also hopes that someone will invent a dog’s toilet, so that it is less trouble for the dog.

Virgo Ron has a cleaning obsession as well as having cats and dogs, he will also clean up after his cleaner has came. Asked whether he would take paper handkerchiefs when going out, he said: “Usually, in Hong Kong, there is no need to be worried about it. When filming in remote areas in the Mainland, then I will bring some with me”.

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