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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Roger Kwok's Egypt Proposal Plan Might Be Postponed

On the 29th, Roger Kwok has announced to the media that because both him and her girlfriend Cindy loves Egypt, they plan to take a trip to Egypt and propose under a pyramid. But suddenly a report came in yesterday that a bunch of Hong Kong tourists in Egypt encountered a serious traffic accident, leaving 14 people dead. The proposal and the vacation might be affected to them and they feel really bad for the injured victims' family. The reporters phoned Roger to ask about the affects of this and he says, "My stuff are not important, the most important is the injured victims getting better. (Will you postpone the vacation?) I have actually not decided on the date yet, but we might have to rethink about it!"

Yesterday Cindy was at a radio station event and said, "Egypt is one of the 4 big ancient countries so I've always wanted to go there. Actually my private business and the car accident cannot be jumbled in with each other. It's most important to take care of the injured tourists."

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