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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Ron Ng Filming "The Pain Of Being A Man"

In new TVB series, 'The Pain of Being A Man', Toby Leung Ching Kei will be acting as a pregnant woman and married woman for the first time. Since Toby and Ron Ng Chek Hei will share a kissing scene, she is afraid that there will be a public outcry, referring to the time Yan Yee had kissed Ron.

Yesterday, Toby, Ron, Damian Lau Chung Yan, and Law Lok Lam were filming on the streets of Sheurng Wan. Toby was excited about playing the role of a pregnant woman, "I want to have a baby before I am 30 years old. I am most afraid of filming the kissing scene with Ron, as I am afraid his fans will scold me!"

Actually Ron and Toby have known each other for awhile. Ron said, "Although Toby's English is not very good, she is doing well. She has to prepare in advance pronunciation for the script [as Toby can't read Chinese very well]. And she is willing to learn from veternans."

As Toby's father is TVB executive Leung Ka Shu, many people have said she has this acting opportunity because of her father's connection. Ron said, "It's not because of her father's connection; TVB thinks she has opportunity therefore they offered her the role."

Toby said that she has watched Ron and Tavia Yeung Yee's kissing scene from 'The Academy'. Toby said, "If Ron doesn't use his tongue when he kisses me, I'll say he's unprofessional."

When Ron heard Toby's comment, he said, "I didn't use my tongue in the kissing scene with Tavia. As for Toby, we should warm up first. If we kiss upon initial meeting, then there won't be much feeling!"

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