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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ron & Tavia: Sweethearts For Valentine's Day

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung, who still doesn't have their sweethearts yet, has to spend Valentine's Day filming for series. But that's good that this pair of onscreen partners can comfort each other and can be 'fake sweethearts'.

Ron and Tavia knew each other 7, 8 years ago and everytime they're with each other they argue, so it is hard for the atmosphere to be romantic. Tavia takes revenge and feeds him food with her chopsticks and Ron said, "You have a cold, don't give it to me. I still have to film and I can't stay in bed.' But Tavia's revenge was successful as she puts cream on Ron's face.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Ron said, "I had no valentine for a few years already. I see couples have a date and I have to work. It is very sad and unforgettable." Tavia jokes, "I only knew how to have a crush on someone so I didn't date. When I was in the training class, I think have a crush on Ron. I actually really want a romantic Valentine's Day, especially a gift of hand-made craft from my boyfriend."
Ron expressed that he isn't a romantic person but has tried getting his parents away at age 17 and cooking for a girl. Tavia then yells out, "Very romantic! I must learn how to be feminme! I hope my valentine can be nice, caring, respectful and loving. Ron is not that far from my ideal type since we are both virgos."

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