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Monday, February 13, 2006

Ron's Lady-Killer Move - Give Her Diamonds!

Tomorrow is V-Day, and Ron Ng is not worried about being lonely at all. “I will be filming 'Pain of Being a Man' 《男人之苦》 and I will be with Tobey Leung and the rest of the cast.” Since breaking up with the his girlfriend 3 years ago, Ron has been single all these while. “Of course I want to date! (Have you had any girls offering themselves up to you?) No lah! (Do you have any killer tricks when dealing with girls?) Sending them diamonds! But I have never given any before. Now I have the money, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Ron admits that he is not a romantic person by nature. However, he has tried the old trick of placing the flowers in the boot and letting her discover them. But the most unforgettable memory was that of cooking for his girlfriend. “I’m not a cook, so my food turned out tasteless. But my girlfriend ate everything. No wonder they say love is great!” he said.

[X] credit: Ellie @
The Sun


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