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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Rumour Queen" Michelle Ye At Grand Opening Of "Olaf Mooij"

"Rumour Queen" Michelle Ye attended a hairstyle/vehicle conference yesterday. She was also arranged to dance with some foreign male dancers; it appeared to be very intimate. Michelle expressed that she doesn't entirely object to dating foreign males, but strongly noted that she's not a girl who is casual to relationships.

Michelle Ye, Marsha Yuan, Timmy Hung, and Shermon Tang attended the grand opening of "Olaf Mooij" yesterday, and they acted as models to portray many different hairstyles and attracted many passer-bys. Michelle appeared with the identity of special guest and was arranged to dance intimately with foreign male dancers. Afterwards, she said, "We have practiced twice before already. This function is pretty interesting because I'm dancing and doing a catwalk at the same time."

Recently having many rumours, Michelle frankly expressed that she doesn't object to dating foreign males, she said, "I'm not exactly casual to relationships. For example, there was a foreign male asking me out for a date last week, but I ended up rejecting him. I only appear to be open-minded on-screen; I'm quite a conservative person in my personal life."

Michelle had her birthday a while ago, and she revealed that she received many presents. It includes jewelry and a bouquet of 999 white roses, she said, "Because my friends know that I don't like to receive gifts that are too expensive, so they don't give me gifts that are too expensive. Though a friend gave me a bouquet of white roses which was about 10,000HK$, but I liked it."

Also, Marsha expressed that it's been a year since she's attended a function as such. Reporters saw that she has gained a few pounds, Marsha replied that it could be because she's wearing white, but could she be pregnant? Marsha said, "That's impossible because I don't have a boyfriend at the moment."

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