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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sharon Chan Accused Of Having 'Lazy Sounds'

Sharon Chan has been accused by Sheren Tang of having ‘lazy sounds’ meaning that her speech is full on incorrect pronunciations. Yesterday, Sharon expressed that she did not mind because Sheren was only reminding her about her imperfections and that Sheren is only encouraging me to perform better.

Sharon said, “Sheren and I are good friends and we always help each other. She really wants to help me to be better and has suggested for me to hire a teacher regarding my pronunciation problems. Every time I read my script, I was always read in front of her and she will point out my mistakes. Before filming a scene, I will also ask the director and colleagues to listen to me as well. If the director hears my mispronunciations when filming, the director will call ‘cut’ and correct me. I hope people will give me time to change for the better!”

Sharon realises that as a public icon, her ever move including her speech, is noticed and copied my younger children. She hopes to fix up her speaking errors to improve her acting. When asked if Sheren will teach her, Sharon said, “Yes! That is why I do not mind her saying that! She only wishes me well!” Sharon expressed that the reason she mispronounces words is because she has said it like that since she was young. It is not a big problem if she fixes her mistakes in time.

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