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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sharon Chan & Raymond Lam: Bickering Duo

Although Raymond Lam Fung and Sharon Chan Man Chi are not lovers, but since Valentine's Day is upcoming, they teamed up together to make a Valentine's dinner. Both Raymond and Sharon complained that without a partner to celebrate the holiday with, it is quite lonely, so they will spend it with friends.

Although Raymond and Sharon have been rumored as a couple, this has not affected their friendship, but this has relegated them to being "brother and sister." They thought about appearing as a "last-minute couple" to work on the Valentine's dinner together, but when it came to dessert, they started bickering. The atmosphere was very humorous.
Raymond and Sharon made the steak as the entree. They separated the work; Sharon dealt with the vegetables and heart-shaped carrot slices as garnish. Raymond fried the steak.

When Raymond saw that Sharon was a little clumsy with the cutting knife, he took over and easily cut the slices into heart shapes. Sharon was impressed with Raymond's skill. Within a short time, Raymond had finished cooking the steak; it appeared to be delicious.

But Sharon didn't give Raymond his due credit and pointed out that the steak was overcooked. Raymond defended himself but did not rebutt further. Raymond switched the focus on dessert, but Sharon fought over the dessert with Raymond. The atmosphere was quite hilarious.

When the topic came to Valentine's Day, both Raymond and Sharon said, "When we see couples and pairs of lovers together, the feeling is quite down. We would like to date too; who doesn't want that sweet feeling? But now, we have to focus on our careers first! For Valentine's Day, we will ask some friends to hang out!

Because of the currently broadcast 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion' Sharon Chan's popularity has increased. Yesterday, she appeared at a Clinique event to promote its new make-up line. Sharon said she and her mother have always been fans of Clinique products, so she was very happy to be spokesperson as she will be receiving free product samples. Sharon received a six-figure fee from Clinique.

Sharon said that she is an easily satisfied person. Right now, she wants to finish paying off the mortgage on her home, but the mortgage is for 20 years. Sharon has only pay off the loans for the first 2 years. So she hopes that she can earn more money in the future and finish her mortgage.

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The Sun


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