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Monday, February 27, 2006

Sharon's & Tavia's Hair Troubles

Sharon Chan yesterday attended an event that was related to hair yesterday. As she has been filming lots of period dramas recently, her hair has suffered from lots of breakage, and was dropping out. She had to use special shampoo and avoid colouring her hair to take care of it. However, as her popularity has been increasing recently, she said that she would not ask the company to reduce her period drama roles.

With lots of guys balding early, Sharon said she did not mind men who shaved their heads as they were balding. She feels that they look cool! Responding to Rain Li’s comments about Raymond and herself (the playboy comment), she said that Rain did ask her about their relationship, but she had denied that there was one.

Tavia Yeung was also present at the event, and she too has had lots of her hair drop out thanks to filming her current period drama. The problem is actually quite serious, and she had to see a doctor to treat it.

She said that later on, she would be flying to The Philippines together with Bobby Au-Yeung and Bosco Wong for filming, and when asked if she was worried about the political instability, she replied, “not really, as we would mostly be in the tourist area. If the situation does get worse, the company will definitely make other arrangements.”

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