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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Stephanie Reveals Wilfred's New Lover, Yan Ng!

Stephanie Cheng and Yan Ng attended a Chinese New Year function. At the function, Stephanie revealed that the first time she played mah jong this year, to celebrate the New Year, she won money! Stephanie has all together won a 4 figure amount of money, Stephanie said, “Earlier, a ‘superior’ told me that I would have good luck this year because I am a mouse! I believe I am lucky too! I won some money and I was given a dog made of gold! I hope to release an album before the school holidays!”

When asked if she has gone to her rumoured boyfriend’s, Wilfred Lau, to celebrate the New Year, Stephanie said, “Nopes! But if I see him, I will wish him a happy New Year. Actually, I think I’m too out! Apparently, it says that his new girl is Yan in the newspaper.” Will she be embarrassed to see Yan? “No, it is so evident the reports are lying!”

When asked if Wilfred is her new lover, Yan exclaimed, “How come me?! There is no such thing! Maybe because we worked together and gave the public a lover feel. But we are friends! I belong to Juno!”

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