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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Stephy Talks About Alex's Kissing Skills

Rumoured couple, Alex Fong and Stephy Tang spend Valentine's Day together- at a function for their new movie. In the movie, the two have a 3 minute long kissing scene, which is unforgettable to Alex. Stephy expressed that Alex was very keen but the kissing scene required a lot of skill.

Alex, Stephy, Pace Wu and manager, Paco Wong attended the celebratory feast for the movie, 獨家試愛. In the movie, Alex and Stephy play couples. On the night of the feast, they two were dance partners, the sight of them dancing were very warming. During the feast, someone sent flowers to Stephy! But it was only from her fans.

When on stage, people wanted Stephy and Pace to kiss Alex. Even Alex showed that he wanted the two kiss him by saying that it was his Chinese calendar birthday. But the two girls rejected the idea. Stephy explained that the kissing scene was done because they were couples and they loved each other. The scene was done 10 times. When asked about Alex’s kissing skills, Stephy said, “He did put a lot of courage into it! I thought he would be shy!”

When Alex was asked what he thought about Stephy’s kissing, Alex said, “Never thought about it then. But after shooting the scene, it has crossed my mind.” He was then asked if he has been slapped by a girl before, for example Gillian Chung, Alex stated that he has never been slapped.

Pace appeared in sexy outfit and when asked to comment on the rumours between Stephy and herself, Pace said, “Stephy and I have never fought over food! The reporter has been making up things!

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