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Monday, February 20, 2006

"Super Cops" Costume Fitting

Yesterday, the costume fitting for "Super Cops" was held and Gigi Lai Chi, Moses Chan Ho, Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, Yuen Biao, Fala Chan, Leanne Li and other cast members were present.

In the series, Moses will be playing a police officer. The plot also speaks of Moses playing an undercover gigolo from Thailand in one of the cases. When Yoyo laughed and said he will be playing his old job, Moses said he is full of confidence in playing the part of the gigolo.

Moses said that it will not be too difficult to portray a gigolo, "The gestures will be similiar to when I was a professional model before becoming an actor. It should be quite fun and humorous to play that part in the script."

"Super Cops" will start filming in March. Moses plans to become more fit before the shooting. Although in the series, Moses will not have to show his body, but since there will be quite a few action scenes, it is better to lose a few pounds. When he films the action sequences, with a lighter body, Moses will not feel as tired.

In the series, Gigi will be playing a fashion designer. Unlike her previous roles, this time Gigi's character will be outwardly plain and have verbal dyspraxia, or difficulty in pronuncing sounds or words in her speech. Despite this, her character will also be pursuing Moses Chan.

Asked if Gigi's character will be like Angela Tong Ying Ying's in "Life Made Simple," Gigi said "No she will not be ugly, just that her personality is cute. She is a very talented fashion designer too."

Gigi also joked, "This is the 6th time I am working with Moses, it's a little boring. Hopefully I can push myself to fall for his character."

When Moses heard Gigi's comment, he said, "You will definitely be falling in love with me! You need to prepare tissues to wipe your mouth as you'll be salivating over me!"

Yoyo Mung's character will be quite tomboyish and she sported a new short haircut at the costume fitting to match with her role.

In the series, Yuen Biao will be paired up with Maggie Siu Mei Kei. Yuen is currently filming Jackie Chan's movie "BB Project." Yuen will be a police officer with a sixth sense in forseeing elements from the future to help solve the criminal cases.

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