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Monday, February 27, 2006

TVB's Recruitment Exercise Draws A Huge Crowd

Seeing Hong Kong Cable Television’s entertainment news channel do so well, TVB struck back by creating its own entertainment news channel. They managed to lure back veteran news host Xu Yong Shan (余詠珊) and also held a massive recruitment exercise for more programme hosts at Causeway Bay yesterday.

Besides Xu Yong Shan, they had also invited Nancy Wu and Kevin Cheng to form the judging panel. As of 4pm yesterday, several thousand people had joined the auditions, with some people starting to queue as early as 7am that morning. With the queues stretching from the hotel which was the venue for the auditions to a nearby school, both the organizers and the hotel had to dispatch some 30 security guards to help with the crowd control.

Most of the interviewees’ performances were unique and one of the judges said, “Quite a lot of the interviewees have returned to HK from overseas, with those from Canada forming the largest number. There are also more guys than girls." Apparently, one of the criteria was that the interviewees had to be a HK citizen. However, there were many Mainland Chinese and foreigners trying their luck at the auditions as well. Although they did not qualify, they refused to take no for an answer, and refused to leave.

Kevin had nothing but praise for most of the interviewees. “They were fluent and could speak several languages. However, a large number lacked personality, and because of that, lagged behind the competition.”

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