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Thursday, February 16, 2006

'Under The Canopy of Love' Promotion Cont'd: Nicknames Annoys Natalie Tong

TVB new series 'Under The Canopy Of Love' will be airing next week, which suits the theme of Valentine’s Day. The night before they held a promotion function in Mongkok where the several leads were playing an indecent game. Males and females were both kissing each other. After Kevin Cheng and Niki Chow have kissed, it was Bosco Wong’s turn. Although, it was a bit inclined, the onlooking fans were shouting ‘Wah’ from all directions. Afterwards, the artists also played a proposing game. In front of the female artist’s chest they have hung two strings of grapes and the male artists will have to compete as fast possible eating it. It is like playing the bride. In addition, Niki and Kevin separately sang a song. In the end, the artists gave fresh flowers and gifts to the audience.

‘Vigorous Aunt’ Plays With Fire
When Kevin and Natalie Tong were playing the proposing game, Kevin smilingly told that in the series they are siblings. So he doesn’t even know how he should propose to his ‘sister’. He told her to pretend he was the host of Jade Solid Gold. Who could imagine that Cha Kang Ning publicly announces the host’s name ‘Amigo Chui’. He also says that Natalie was a ‘vigorous aunt’ and upon hearing it Natalie’s face turned black, saying: “You have been saying it for many times!”. But Cha Kang Ning braced the death and turned to the attending fans: “She tells you to say it one more time!”.

Afterwards, Natalie acknowledges they were making fun of her. Because her nickname ‘vigorous aunt’ sounds so cheesy, she prefers one calls her real name. She also expressed that her love with her boyfriend is very stable, but her boyfriend hasn’t invited her for Valentine’s Day yet. When referring that he doesn’t need to record for Jade Solid Gold, shouldn’t he have some free time? She acts dumb and says: “I don’t know! [Did someone propose to you?] No. [Do you want to receive a diamond ring on Valentine’s Day?] No, it won’t happen. I think guys should usually be more thoughtful when giving gifts and not only when it is a holiday”. Natalie also disclosed that when she dated the first time, her boyfriend has already give her a diamond ring. Kevin clarifies that it was not him who gave her the nickname, he also believes that Natalie wouldn’t mind being made fun of. Because they have already cooperated in two series as well as had dinner once. So if she is really angry about it, he would treat her to dinner to calm her down.

Male Fans Kneel Down To Propose
When playing the grapes game, Bosco must compete to finish the grapes, hanging in front of Niki’s chest, as fast as possible. When eating, he was referring to Niki: “Her fluctuation is not very stable (her breathing).” Kevin then interrupts by saying: “She always wasn’t very big!” Niki immediately retorts by asking: “What did you say?”
Kevin explained that he was only referring to the cardboard in front of Niki’s chest for not being big enough and that there was no need to be so sensitive. About him kissing Bosco and then Niki, he frankly said that they didn’t want to use their mouth at all. But for promoting, he doesn’t have any choice. Regarding eating the grapes resembling playing 3P, when asked Bosco if he was satisfied with being so indecent, he smilingly told: “I was quite startled to take out the banana once again! That is why they were playing that game after the marriage, I didn’t think that it was played at that moment!” He also explained that Niki’s breathing wasn’t regular. Mainly because she couldn’t stop breathing, making the grapes going up and down all the time. So it was very difficult for him to aim and eat.

After playing the grapes game, Niki looked quite anxious. She was even sweating. She said it was because the heads of the two guys were rushing up very fast, luckily they didn’t touch any ‘important’ spots. When Kevin smiled about her posture not being very big, Niki sighed that he was like that too while they were filming. She even talked about the game, saying that she wasn’t afraid that it will affect her girly image as she never had one.

In addition, before the activities began, six male fans of Niki, while grasping the flowers and chocolates moved towards the stage. Cha Kang Ning called Niki to stand in front of them. Who could imagine that the six would kneel down and propose to her, saying: “Niki Chow, I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day”. Niki was surprised by their act and said: “I never thought that they would kneel down. They say that when guys kneel down, you will have gold (eg. marriage). Maybe it is because they know I don’t have a boyfriend. I’m really happy and surprised”.

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