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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Yumiko Cheng Dating & Living With Her Makeup Artist, Andy?

Recently, their have been rumours stating that Yumiko Cheng and Andy, a make up artist, have started living together. It is said that they are developing their love rapidly and because of work, they have been seeing each other a lot. Andy has previously dated Candy Lo and Cara Chan. Yesterday afternoon, Yumiko and Rosemary attended a charity function. At the function, the media said to Yumiko she was ‘letting a wolf into her house’. Yumiko laughed and replied, “After reading the newspaper article, I laughed for a long time. If me and my make up artist sit in the same car we are in love?” Yumiko explained that the picture of her and Andy in a Japanese restaurant was misleading because her assistant was also there at the time.

When asked if she felt that Andy liked her, Yumiko said, “I don’t believe that. Eating dinner together is a normal thing anyway!” Then she was asked if the rumours had cause Andy and herself to be embarrassed when seeing each other, Yumiko said, “No but I feel bad for the way the reporters wrote about him. I hope to find my true love in the year of the dog. It is hard to say if Andy and I have the potential to be lovers. But everyone has a chance.” Yumiko revealed that in order to be her partner, the man must treat her well and they must have ‘feel’. Yumiko was then asked if the ‘living together’ rumours affect her rumoured boyfriend, Deep Ng, Yumiko said, “It is really funny. I have been rumoured with Deep for a year and it’s getting boring! Anyway, many people like Deep!”

On the other hand, Rosemary will be releasing an EP on the 16th of the month. She will then have a mini music performance and then release an album. Rosemary hopes to write all the songs in the album.

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