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Friday, March 31, 2006

Frankie Lam Leaving TVB

Earlier in the week, Frankie Lam Man Lung and Bernice Liu Bik Yi appeared as guests at a Foshan TV event. Frankie's contract with TVB will be ending in April and he expressed plans to film in China productions afterwards. Frankie's earlier drama, "Herbalist Manual" did not achieve ideal ratings. Frankie said that he will be filming in mainland China to seek a breakthrough. "In the past, there has been several mainland companies asking me to film for them. But I did not want to leave Hong Kong at the time. I wanted to care more for my girlfriend, Kenix Kwok Ho Ying. But after marriage, my thinking has changed now. I will be heading to Shanghai next month for new opportunities."

"In my forthcoming mainland productions, I will mostly be concentrating on modern series. The quality of mainland television dramas has really improved in the last few years. There are many Hong Kong artists filming in China and I think this will continue to grow as a trend."

Frankie complemented his "Virtues of Harmony" onscreen partner, Bernice Liu, saying that she is a pretty and good actress. However, once Kenix's name was mentioned, Frankie immediately gushed over his wife.

Frankie and Kenix had also acted as a husband-and-wife team in "Ten Brothers." Frankie said there were many emotional scenes in the series, with a lot of crying and the story is very moving.

Rumors say that Kenix is quite dominant in the relationship and at home too? Frankie defended Kenix, "Those reporters writing such rumors have not even been to our house before, so how can they claim that Kenix is very demanding at home?"

Frankie also mentioned that he and Kenix intend to have children in the future. "But in the coming months, I will not be in Hong Kong. So it will not be possible to have children yet in the short-term. When we have children, we will want to raise them ourselves and not have to rely on nannies. My thinking is more traditional and I want to play a greater role in raising our children."

As Frankie will be busy filming in mainland in the upcoming months, is he worried about the separation time between Kenix and himself? "It's not like I will not be returning to Hong Kong in the interim. As she is an actress, we understand each other's [work requirements]. Although sometimes filming in mainland is tough work, but I am a man, so I will have to take on the responsibility to earn more income and support the family."

Also, Bernice Liu's appearance at the event made the atmosphere more lively. Since Bernice's Cantonese is not very fluent, often her loud laughter would drown out the questions directed at her. Bernice is quite westernized, but she said that her favorite Chinese dishes are from Shunde. Bernice mentioned that her father is a great cook and can make very authentic local dishes.

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Xinhua News, Wen Xin News

Kenix Kwok Doesn't Want To Be Number 2

"If one day, I am no longer the lead actress, I would rather not act anymore."

People who know Kenix Kwok Ho Ying well will appreciate her integrity, but those who do not know her will think she is arrogant.

Before entering the entertainment industry, Kenix had worked as an insurance broker. The insurance company expected their brokers to submit 4 enrollment policies every month. Kenix however submitted 12.

Kenix's personality in not admitting defeat lead to her promotion the following year. But Kenix was not completely satisfied with her job in the insurance industry, so she decided to join the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant.

Kenix said, "Although I was the top salesperson, I didn't feel any satisfaction. On the other hand, I was quite bored. I wanted to try my hand in the entertainment industry. After thinking for a while, I thought the fastest way for me to enter the industry was through the Miss HK competition. It is like my interest in learning how to play the piano. I wanted to see results quicker, so I started lessons at grade 4 instead."

Kenix joined the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant 13 years ago, she still had some baby fat on her face. Although she was one of the most popular candidates, she was not placed in the final competition. Despite this Kenix was given leading opportunities also immediately in series.

There is no forever permanence in the entertainment industry. The unpredictableness and ever-changing environment makes the industry more fascinating.

"I Am Not Liza Wang"
The reporter first started liking
Kenix from watching "Detective Investigation Files." She had wonderful chemistry with Michael Tao Dai Yu. Years later, the two reunited for "Shine on You" and "Love Bond."

Kenix said, "I was fortunate, as whichever actress was cast in "Detective Investigation Files" would have achieved popularity overnight. This series gave me a lot of visibility. But come to this stage in my career, I have to rely on my efforts and skills to win the audience and producers' recognition and trust. Many people say that I look Taiwanese, I think this was a born characteristic."

Within the blink of an eye, Kenix has been acting for 13 years. Despite her marriage, Kenix is still very popular, escaping the fate that usually plagues actresses after marriage. According to Ming Pao Weekly, aside from Liza Wang Ming Chuen, Kenix is the next highest paid actress, even beating Gigi Lai Chi, who is a favorite among TVB executives.

Kenix's self-confidence is not without reason. Although Kenix has not received the "Best Actress Award" yet, she said, "The award is a recognition of their own; with it, things would be more perfect. As to rumors that artists exchange contracts for awards, that's never been my case. People who know me will understand me. Ever since I was young, I have always believed in myself. I have used my own efforts to achieve what I have today. Fortunately it is also my personality of not easily compromising [my principles] that has allowed me to achieve what I have today."

Last year, Kenix filmed 100 episodes in TV dramas, increasing her exposure level. Rumors say that Kenix was dissatisfied that she did not win the "Best Actress Award" and therefore decreased her filming output dramatically in 2006.

Kenix said helplessly, "Now I just want to wait for good roles and good scripts, I do not want to film general, ordinary productions. I don't want to have such a busy schedule anymore. Even when I am not filming for TVB, I am still quite occupied when I have to go to mainland to shoot commercial ads."

Kenix mentioned that acting is not her life-long goal. She said that she cannot see herself acting until she is old. That's true, not everyone can be Liza Wang Ming Chuen, who can be a "sassy mother-in-law" and professional career woman, continuing her career into her middle-age years.

Kenix Kwok taught the reporter a valuable lesson. A person with a good fate in life will have a good life. For example, the 35-year-old Kenix has always been a lead actress since joining the Miss HK competition 13 years ago. Kenix's father's total assets are worth over $50 million (HKD) and her husband, Frankie Lam Man Lung loves her more than himself.

Kenix is not modest (really there is no need for modesty) and said, "I do have a very happy life. Thanks to the Lord, I have never been forced to do things I didn't like."

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Bernice Liu, Moses Chan & Ron Ng At Armani Event

Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Moses Chan Ho, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Daniel Wu Yiu Cho, and Michael Wong Man Tak appeared at a fashion show by Giorgio Armani.

As Bernice and rumored boyfriend, Moses Chan and good friend, Ron Ng appeared together at the event yesterday, did Bernice plan for the "couple" appearance? Bernice joked, "But there are 2 men that I came with, does that mean I have two lovers?"

Bernice has always been a frequent guest at fashion shows. She has received many designer brand clothing endorsements, saving her a lot of money. Is this because of Bernice's good figure that has attracted so many designer endorsements? Bernice said that it is not always about sexiness, but rather if the clothes can bring out the feminine quality in a woman. Bernice also said that Giorgio Armani's clothes fit very well for people of different body types and sizes.

Moses Chan has received Giorgio Armani clothes endorsements for many years, starting when he was a model in Australia. Yesterday, Moses appeared in a Armani suit. Did Moses make an arrangement to appear with rumored girlfriend, Bernice? Moses pulled Ron Ng into the story, "We all planned to appear together."

Ron Ng also said that when he was only 23 years old, he had already started buying black Giorgio Armani suits. Ron said that he can wear the suit multiple times and it would not be obvious. Last night, Ron appeared in an open shirt layered with a jacket. Did Ron find his chest to be the most sexy? Ron said that he likes his shoulders the best, as they are quite broad and fill out shirts well.

Daniel Wu Yiu Cho also mentioned that he has liked to wear suits more lately. He said that his current girlfriend, model Lisa S. likes him wearing suits the most.

Also, Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Maggie Q has been spotted with Edison Chen Koon Hei, Daniel said that he didn't know whether they are really going out or not. Daniel said that he hasn't been in touch with Maggie for awhile.

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The Sun, Takungpao, Wei Wen Po, Singpao

Chin Ka Lok & Ella Koon Work On Car Stunts Film

Chin Ka Lok, Ella Koon and more yesterday worked on flying car stunts for a 10 minute motion picture directed by Chin Ka Lok himself. As Ella plays a pregnant woman in the short film, she had an artificial ‘tummy’ made. Despite having such a large stomach all of a sudden, Ella would not sit still but showed off her martial arts skills. Ella said, “I’m really happy! The stunts are extremely fun. It makes me want to ride on roller coasters.” Ella expressed after working on this short film, she has changed her opinion on car stunt persons who she once thought were ‘idiots’.

Chin Ka Lok disclosed the reason for filming this 10 minute motion picture, he hopes that the general public will not be prejudice towards car stunt people and learn to see the qualities of them. Ka Lok says, “I hope through this short film, the public will change their incorrect feeling towards all car stunt people.”

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Sharon Chan Reveals Her Killer 43 Inch Pair Of Legs

Yesterday Sharon Chan wore a tube top and shorts for a new advertisment, exposing her 43 inch, smooth legs. She jokingly said, "Of course I have more confidence on my legs than my upper body!" She thinks she is very healthy and doesn't mind wearing a bikini!

In the advertisement, she has to wear summer clothings like tank tops, tube tops, shorts, mini skirts, and more. It was aboslutely eye catching! She was asked if she was willing to wear a bikini and she jokingly said, "I have to see the results first. If I'm healthy, then it's no problem!" During the filming process, alot of staffs praised her of a long, smooth, straight pair of legs. She says, "I have more confidence on my legs than my chest! So I'm pretty satisfied when I wear shorts or mini skirts!"

When the topic went to body hair, she said, "When I was little, I didn't have much body hair besides my arms and eyebrows! But alot of people laughed at me causing me to have no confidence so I shaved it with a knife. That had damaged and bruised my arms! Afterwards I tried hair removal cream but I was allergic to it. Now we have permanent hair removal treatments, and it is so much easier!"

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The Sun

TV Actresses Dress To Impress At The 'Next TV Awards'

All sexily dressed, Bernice Liu, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu and Angela Tong were among the stars who yesterday attended the ‘Next Magazine Annual Top 10 Award Ceremony’. Actresses showed off their bodies in their sponsored gowns.

Miss Chinese International winner and current TVB fandan, Bernice Liu was dressed in a low cut and back revealing dress. Bernice disclosed the cost of the dress, which was sponsored for her to wear to the award ceremony, of over $10 000. Former Miss Hong Kong contestant and one of TVB’s leading actress in a series of dramas, Charmaine Sheh wore an eye catching and back revealing dress. Currently undergoing weight gain, Charmaine revealed her current weight of 98lbs, she hopes to gain 3 more pounds.

It was evident that
Myolie Wu was gaining weight as she wore a string held dress, revealing her larger chest. ATV’s ‘Central Afairs’ won a television drama award and so, the cast, Michelle Ye and Pinky Cheung attended the ceremony. Rumoured to be enemies, Michelle and Pinky accepted the award on stage. Pinky was shunned to the side as Michelle and ATV’s executive held the award to take photos. During the acceptance speech Michelle, thanked Pinky first but her rumoured enemy showed no expression of acknowledgement.

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Myolie Wu Started Gaining Weight For Bridget Jones Role

Although Myolie Wu Hang Yee has been filming in Shanghai for "Tai Chi," she returned to Hong Kong yesterday to attend an awards ceremony held by Next Media.

Myolie won an award as one of the "Top 10 TV Artists" sponsored by Next Media. Also other cast members, Liza Wang Ming Chuen and Bosco Wong Chung Chak also won awards for "War of In-Laws."

Myolie said excitedly, "This is my first time winning this award. Although I was placed number 7 on the top ten ranking, I am already very happy. After the awards ceremony, I will be flying back to Shanghai to complete filming for 'Tai Chi.'

Myolie wore a low cut dress yesterday and it is quite obvious that she has gained weight in her upper body as well as on her face. Myolie has been trying to gain weight to prepare for the June shooting of "Fei Tin Hei Seen" (TVB's version of "Bridget Jones Diary").

Also it has been confirmed that Andy Hui Chi On will be replacing Alex Fong Chung Shun in this new series.

Myolie said, "In Shanghai, I have been eating dessert every night. Before sleeping, I will eat chocolate and instant noodle. I have gained at least 5 lbs."

How much weight is Myolie trying to gain for the role? "There is no specific target, as long as it gives people an impression that I have gained weight, then that's fine. I also didn't think of what effect it will have on my chest size. There are still 3 more months to go before filming starts in June. I can gain more weight in the meantime!"

Reporters asked Myolie whether it has been necessary to change her undergarments yet? Myolie said not yet, but it may be necessary in the future! When the reporters pointed out that it is easy to gain weight, but hard to lose weight, Myolie said calmly, "TVB has already found a health company to take care of this. So I am eagerly anticipating gaining weight and not afraid of it."

Bosco Wong Chung Chak also won an award and was placed number 3 in the artist ranking. There has been recent rumors that Kate Tsui Tsi San has been late to the filming of "Thousand Lies Various Schemes" and is not getting along with the rest of the cast. Bosco said it was a misunderstanding and that Kate gets along fine with the crew.

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Dai Si Chung To Drop Legal Allegations Against Kevin Cheng

As Kevin Cheng Ka Wing has been preparing to face the legal battle ahead of him with former music instructor, Dai Si Chung, yesterday there were rumors that a General Assembly will be launched by a group of Kevin supporters to advocate for him.

But afterwards, Dai Si Chung, voluntarily contacted the press and said that he will be issuing a statement that he will not pursue legal allegations against Kevin.

Since Kevin's contract incident had been exposed, he has received the majority of public support, helping turn the situation around in Kevin's favor.

Kevin's supporters were about to launch a General Assembly to advocate for him, but Kevin disagreed with this approach. "I did not want to make this into a bigger issue. But I believe in the laws of Hong Kong and that the best solution to the problem is through legal methods."

Some refer to the teacher and pupil relationship between
Dai Si Chung and Kevin breaking down due to an incident at Kenix Kwok Ho Ying and Frankie Lam Man Lung's wedding. Allegedly, Kevin did not greet the Dai's at the wedding. But Kevin said, "I did greet them then. Mrs. Dai even pulled us to shake hands. But I didn't know what to say, as we haven't been in touch for such a long time. But I do meet San Wai for dinner sometimes."

As Dai San Wai had publicly revealed Kevin's telephone conversation taping, Kevin only said that the position of each person is different. "I was very surprised when the conversation was reveal publicly. But I wasn't overly upset. After all [San Wai is Dai's daughter]."

Will Kevin be on friendly terms with Dai Si Chung in the future? Kevin responded reservedly, "That's to be considered later."

Just as Kevin's radio interview above was broadcast last midnight, Dai Si Chung voluntarily contacted the press. Dai said that he is currently drafting a public statement, in the form of a newspaper ad, that he will be dropping legal allegations against Kevin.

The following is a transcript of the conversation that Dai had with The Sun's reporter:

Dai: I wanted to speak my heartfelt words. Thanks to everyone who has been concerned about the contract issue with Kevin Cheng. I would like to resolve this matter by issuing a public statement to drop legal allegations.

Reporter: Why are you insisting on publishing a public statement?

Dai: I don't want people to think that I am creating news, so I wanted to clarify by issuing a public statement.

Reporter: Have you spoken with Kevin?

Dai: No I haven't. This time it is not a lawsuit.

Reporter: Allegedly, Kevin's supporters were going to organize a General Assembly to denounce you?

Dai: I don't know. I don't think that's true.

However, The Sun reporter still has not received Dai's public statement yet. Dai said that he is still working on the proper wording, so he needs more time. Also Dai's daughter, Wan Wai, has turned low profile as well.

Kevin said that he has not received the notice of Dai's public statement, so he said it is inconvenient for him to comment. But the twist in events and the Dai's changing their positions made the situation more interesting.

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The Sun

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Results Of The 16th Next Magazine TV Awards

Top 10 Artists
1. Angela Tong (first time enter) - 5103 Vote (Life Made Simple, Fantasy Hotel)
2. Jessica Hsuan - 4048 Vote (Life Made Simple, Just Love)
3. Bosco Wong (first time enters) - 3031 Vote (War of In-Laws, Life Made Simple, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion)
4. Roger Kwok - 2897 Vote (Life Made Simple, Scavengers Paradise, Greed Mask)
5. Liza Wang - 1845 Vote ( War of In-Laws, When Rules Turn Lose )
6. Kenix Kwok - 1802 Vote (Revolving Doors of Vengeance, Love Bond)
7. Myolie Wu (first time enter) - 1764 Vote (War of In-Laws, When Rules Turn Lose, The Gâteau Affairs, Lost In The Chamber of Love, Scavengers Paradise)
8. Bernice Liu (first time enter) - 1715 Vote (Love Bond, Healing Hands III, Into Thin Air)
9. Charmaine Sheh - 1539 Vote (Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion, Yummy Yummy, Always Ready)
10. Moses Chan - 1519 Vote (Love Bond, The Gentle Crackdown, Healing Hands III, The Charm Beneath)

Male Newcomer With Most Potential Award
Amigo Chui - 5812 Votes

Female Newcomer With Most Potential Award
Fiona Sit - 5719 Votes

Top 10 Program/Series
1. War of In-Laws - 5154 Votes
2. Life Made Simple - 4997 Votes
3. Revolving Doors Of Vengeance - 4573 Votes
4. The Academy - 4172 Votes
5. When Rules Turn Lose - 3022 Votes
6. Mintues To Fame - 3019 Votes
7. Yummy Yummy - 2611 Votes
8. Healing Hands III - 2604 Votes
9. Always Ready - 2533 Votes
10. Central Affairs ( ATV ) - 2441 Votes

Most Feminine Beautiful Award
Jessica Hsuan

Most Exquisitely Acting Skill Award
Myolie Wu

Most Active Artist Award

Bosco Wong

Most New Generation Of Charm Award
Fiona Sit

Most Star Drills Charm Award

Bernice Liu

Most Clear Skin Award
Linda Chung

Most Abundant Luxuriant Award
Anne Heung

Most Potential Extraordinary Artist Award
Roger Kwok

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