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Monday, March 20, 2006

Ada Choi, Gigi Lai, Moses Chan, Bowie Lam At "Dance of Passion" Event

Ada Choi Siu Fun, Gigi Lai Chi, Moses Chan, and Bowie Lam appeared at a preview event for upcoming series, "Dance of Passion." Ada spoke about her villianess role in the series and Gigi clarified rumors with producer Chik Kei Yi.

In the series, Ada will appear as a scheming clan leader. Ada said that in the series, she will be quite evil. "I slapped and scolded many characters in the series. I found it the most enjoyable to slap Bowie Lam. I really put in my best efforts to play this character. I can't say that 'Dance of Passion' is my most representative work, but it is definitely one of my most memorable series."

Did Ada hope to win awards for her acting in "Dance of Passion?" Ada said, "I haven't considered it. I know everyone has high expectations for 'Dance of Passion.' Actually due to the success of 'War and Beauty,' I feel that there will be more audience supporting 'Dance of Passion.'

Also last time Gigi Lai was promoting "War and Beauty" with producer Chik Kei Yi in China, Chik had mentioned that Gigi was the "most unlikeable actress" and "dumb." This is the first time that Gigi and Chik have appeared together in a public event since that incident. However Gigi and Chik seem to be very talkative and amicable towards each other.

Reporters asked Gigi about the prior incident in China with Chik. Gigi said, "I was not angry at him. I can only thank him for all the opportunities he has given me. Without him casting me in 'War and Beauty,' I wouldn't have what I have today."

Did Chik apologize for the incident? Gigi appeared a little flabbergasted, but said, "Both of us understand that he was just joking!"

Gigi said that she is confident about "Dance of Passion," and that the ratings would be even better than "War and Beauty." She said, "Everyone tried very hard in this production. But I did not think about getting awards for this series. Right now, I just want to act in good series and enjoy life! It is most important to be happy."

Moses Chan said that his most unforgettable scene was jumping into a well and then kissing Charmaine Sheh Si Man. He said that the scene was very difficult to film as he had to jump into the well from a height of 120 feet high. As the well opening was very small, he was afraid that he would hurt himself. Also in the series, Moses had to suffer from firecrackers lighting and exploding on his body. The scene not only called for the firecrackers to explode, but Moses had to film in the rain as well.

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The Sun, Sina


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