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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Alex Afraid Of Seeing Himself Kiss Someone

Alex Fong yesterday accepted an interview from his friend, Patrick Tang. During the interview, Patrick revealed that there was a time when they would both make fun and each other, causing them to not contact each other. Later, when going out with a group of friends, Patrick drove Alex home and they both compromised.

Patrick said, “I hate the way he doesn’t tell me anything! For example, I am always the last to know about the reports about him in the magazines.” The two agreed that they should be like females so that they are more open to their friends. But after making up, they are better friends and can be described to be like Andy Hui and William So. Alex then said, “Once a friend, always a friend.”

Alex’s new movie with the kissing scene with Stephy will be released soon, when asked if he was going to support his buddy, he said jokingly, “We’ll see if an accident happens or if we can see his tongue!” Embarrassed, Alex replied, “We did Chinese kissing not French. But seeing yourself kiss someone can make your heart fall out! When my company organised a premier for the workers, I did not go because I was afraid of seeing myself kiss someone! I will have to wait till the official premier to see!”

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