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Monday, March 27, 2006

Alexander Wang Lee Hom's Hand Was Hurt

After the Malaysia promos, Alexander Wang Lee Hom was supposed to do some continuous signing, but because his left wrist was hurt during an autograph meeting, the doctor said that even though it's not very serious, but on Saturday, instead of a autograph celebration, it will change into a hand-shaking meeting. When his fans heard about this, a lot of them all left messages about their worriedness for him.

It's very rare that
Alexander is at Malaysia, so he insisted that at every autograph session, he'll autograph for all of the fans before leaving. So even when his left hand is sore, he only allows himself to rest a little, and not saying anything, he'll continue to sign. Calculating, this autograph session, he signed more than ten thousands of autographs for his fans. It's super hard for him, but all his fans feel very happy.

"Heroes of the Earth" concert finished, Alexander went overseas to promote, including Malaysia, Thailand and mainland China. Finally, for his celebration album's promotion, he can go back to Taiwan on Saturday to do an autograph signing; but because of his left hand injury, he won't be able to autograph for his fans, so his record company temporarily decided to make this a hand-shaking meeting.

His loyal fans online all left messages, asking about his injury, hoping that he can rest more so he can heal faster. Overseas fans are very worried and jealous, because only Taiwanese fans are able to shake his hands. Also, he holds Taiwan's most loved entertainer, and his fans are encouraging everyone to go online to support
Alexander, hoping that he will win Asia MTV's 'most favorite entertainer'.

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