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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Amy Kwok & Patrick Tam Star In New ATV Drama

Next Monday, ATV will be broadcasting new comedy series, "Fong Tak and Miu Chui Fa," starring Amy Kwok Hoi Ming, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, and Law Ka Ying. The stars appeared yesterday in Guangzhou to promote the upcoming series.

Amy also revealed that when she met her husband Sean Lau Ching Wan on the set of TVB's "Greed of Man" many years ago, Sean was quite blunt and rude at the time.

Folk hero Fong Sai Yuk and his mother,
Miu Chui Fa's stories have been told many times before. This time, ATV's version will be a comedy and focus on Fong Sai Yuk's parents, Fong Tak (played by Patrick Tam) and Miu Chui Fa (played by Amy Kwok). The series will also follow Amy's character from her young adult life into old age. Amy said, "The hardest part was playing the young Miu Chui Fa. It is hard to deliver her liveliness and innocent youth."

In many people's eyes, Amy and husband Sean Lau Ching Wan are a happily married couple. Law Ka Ying said that during filming, Sean came to visit Amy 3 times, yet Law's girlfriend, Liza Wang Ming Chuen did not even visit once.

Amy said, "It was my first time filming in China, so Sean would sometimes bring me things that I left home, such as change in clothes. As for having a happy marriage, it is based on mutual respect. It is unavoidable to have arguments sometimes, as arguing is also a form of communication." Amy said that she usually disagreed with Sean on family matters.

Guangdong province is now broadcasting TVB's classic, "Greed of Man," which is the series where Amy and Sean had met each other many years ago. Amy said, "When we were filming 'Greed of Man,' we did not start dating yet. Actually I thought he was quite mean at first. As I was a newcomer at the time, Sean was not satisfied with one of my scenes. He went to the director behind my back and requested that we reshoot the scene. After filming the scene, his face still appeared to be dissatisfied."

Amy said that she and Sean didn't start dating until after 'Greed of Man' had finished filming. As to how their relationship had progressed to dating, Amy smiled and told the reporters to go ask Sean.

After "Fong Tak and Miu Chui Fa," Amy and Patrick Tam will once again pair up in ATV's modern series 《義無反顧》(No Turning Back).

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