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Friday, March 10, 2006

Anne Heung's Ex-Boyfriend Going Out With Halina Tam

Anne Heung Hoi Nam's ex-boyfriend, Eric Choi Keung Wing, has been going out with Anne's good friend, Halina Tam Siu Wan.

Eric is an executive at an insurance company and has always been known as "Ms. Hong Kong Ladies Killer" as he has dated several former beauty pageant queens, including Leung Pui Wu.

When Anne was asked about Eric and Halina going out, Anne said that both are her friends and she did not want to place any comments.

Anne had confirmed that she had broken up with ex-boyfriend Eric. She did not want to go into details about her past relationship.

Anne said that she had already heard from another friend that Eric was currently dating Halina. But this will not affect Anne and Halina's friendship. When Anne and Halina appeared at the same public function, they said hello to each other.

Anne said that her career and education goals are her top priorities now. Anne is still considering whether she should get an Accounting or Law degree. While pursuing higher education, Anne will continue to work in the entertainment industry. As for dating again, Anne is not in a hurry. She admitted that there have been pursuers but she will be selecting the right man carefully.

Earlier Anne was a spokesperson for a hair care center. Anne had been plagued by hair loss problems but after using the hair care center's products, her hair became full again.

On the day that Anne was filming the hair care advertisement, Anne received some valuable sparkling hair ornaments from the ad sponsor. The hair ornaments will allow Anne to create many different hair styles easily.

"Due to work and long term stress, I have been suffering from hair loss and hair problems since last year. But after receiving professional hair care, my hair follicles and scalp have been strengthened and I am not afraid of changing my hairstyle anymore. And I can wear these beautiful hair ornaments any time, putting in more efforts to look good!"

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Mingpao Daily, Takungpao


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