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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Belinda Hamnett & Jolie Chan Steals Spotlight From Bernice Liu

Belinda Hamnett, Jolie Chan, Cathy Tsui, Bernice Liu and Ron Ng attended the ‘Cool Persons Fashion Show 2006’ held at APM Shopping Mall on Sunday night. Most of the female models/artists wore skimpy and revealing clothes with the exception of Bernice and Cathy. Jolie showed off her long legs in mini shorts.

Belinda who has successfully loss weight to gain a perfect figure could have been said to be the sexiest female of the night. Belinda said, “This level of sexiness can be accepted.” When asked if she was afraid of flashing some private body parts, she disclosed, “Jolie, Bernice and I were examining the swim suits in the backstage. If someone did flash something while wearing them, then they will have to be more careful.”

On the other hand,
Cathy’s costumes were not revealing at all, when asked if she had chosen the outfits herself, Cathy said, “Yes, I chose them all myself. I don’t want to be too revealing because I am afraid that people in the upper levels of the shopping mall may take some photos.” Bernice, on the other hand, revealed that the organisers chose what each person would wear and although the spotlight was taken by Belinda and Jolie on the day, Bernice praised Belinda by saying that she looked cool.

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