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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bernice As The Host For Metro

Yesterday Bernice was the host for the Metro radio show "Ga Tin Ha" and interviewed ballet teacher Wong Yan Ha. Bernice revealed that 14 years ago, she went to Hong Kong from Canada to Wong Yan Ha's ballet school. She had taught Bernice not only dance but also how to be a person so since she was young, Bernice has always refered to her as "haau jeung" (principal). When asked if she thought "haau jeung" was strict, Bernice replied that ballet has always been a strict kind of dance.

Bernice has been a dancer for many years and dancing needs time to practice. When asked if she has ever wanted to give up? She replied, "I have! But when I see the awards I have won previously, I don't give up." Because Bernice concentrated so much of her time on dancing, she lost many friends, that also made her want to give up. "I had thought of dancing as a profession, so I practiced everyday, all day but I lost many friends because of that and I had not improved leading me to think about giving up. Good thing in a competition, I won an award which gave me more confidence." Bernice also revealed she gave that award to her grandfather as a present.

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