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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bernice & Ella Interview

Bernice Liu and Ella Koon, liang wei dai siu jeh (literal translation = 2 big misses). One is an actress and one a singer. When they're off-stage, their sex appeal still hangs. During the interview both revealed that they would talk about sex appeals and their thoughts are really open.

Bernice: Don't you think we haven't known each other for so many years, but we're really close?
Ella: We met in coincidence through hairdresser, make-up artists, we were both the guests in Sam Hui's concert and we've co-operated before. I usual talk alot! But I don't want to be a embarassment in front of you!
Bernice: C'mon! You're always with me!
Ella: In front of other people, I can talk alot, but you can make me listen to you. And also our starsigns match.
Bernice: I don't know anything about starsigns, but I think you are a very happy person and you like to talk to people. I know you pretty well!
Ella: People think that I have sex appeals, what is your definition of sex appeal?
Bernice: Sex appeals are actually the looks you choose to look, most important is the effects.
Ella: Actually, I'm very tom-boyish, I don't get why audiences think I have sex appeal. When I was small I usual fight with my brother until I was big. When I first entered the entertainment circle wearing mini skirts and singlets, I don't have any problems. But everytime, I go out I feel that I do have sex appeals.
Ella: Did you decide to have the path of having sex appeal?
Bernice: No, like wearing denim mini skirts, people might think that makes you have sex appeal, but to me being raised up in foreign countries, even going to the beach in a bikini is not big deal. And I'm a girl who has a figured body, I can't do anything about it!
Ella: I don't have anything on my chest, how do I have sex appeal!
Bernice: Then is your bestfriend a male? My bestfriend was a male.
Ella: My bestfriend is a female! It's not very convenient to have a male as a best friend
Bernice: My best friend was known since the day I was born, and he's English
Ella: Wa! Gum mai chin mui juut ma? Why don't you consider him?
Bernice: We won't la! We've known each other for 20+ years! But he's quite handsome!
Ella: I prefer chinese guys more!
Bernice: Really? But your also abit english-y!
Ella: I was acting! The guys I dated before were also ABC (Australian Born Chinese) Then I entered the entertainment circle, I thought Hong Kong guys are ok too!
Ella: How many times have you dated since you enterted the entertainment circle?
Bernice: Are you talking about when I was a model or becoming a singer/actress?
Ella: Model la!
Bernice: When I lived in Waan Jai , there were 200+ people, they were all English! So I've never dated chinese people
Ella: Would you start liking chinese males?
Bernice: My chinese isn't very good! But I think if my other half knew chinese, it would be better for the children when they grow up.
Ella: I have had rumours going around, it makes people give more attention to you, but I don't like the feeling.
Ella: If you were dating, would you tell the public?
Bernice: Haha! They'll eventually know!

[X] credit: Sparkling Tearz @ Sweet Ella


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