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Friday, March 31, 2006

Bernice Liu, Moses Chan & Ron Ng At Armani Event

Bernice Liu Bik Yi, Moses Chan Ho, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei, Daniel Wu Yiu Cho, and Michael Wong Man Tak appeared at a fashion show by Giorgio Armani.

As Bernice and rumored boyfriend, Moses Chan and good friend, Ron Ng appeared together at the event yesterday, did Bernice plan for the "couple" appearance? Bernice joked, "But there are 2 men that I came with, does that mean I have two lovers?"

Bernice has always been a frequent guest at fashion shows. She has received many designer brand clothing endorsements, saving her a lot of money. Is this because of Bernice's good figure that has attracted so many designer endorsements? Bernice said that it is not always about sexiness, but rather if the clothes can bring out the feminine quality in a woman. Bernice also said that Giorgio Armani's clothes fit very well for people of different body types and sizes.

Moses Chan has received Giorgio Armani clothes endorsements for many years, starting when he was a model in Australia. Yesterday, Moses appeared in a Armani suit. Did Moses make an arrangement to appear with rumored girlfriend, Bernice? Moses pulled Ron Ng into the story, "We all planned to appear together."

Ron Ng also said that when he was only 23 years old, he had already started buying black Giorgio Armani suits. Ron said that he can wear the suit multiple times and it would not be obvious. Last night, Ron appeared in an open shirt layered with a jacket. Did Ron find his chest to be the most sexy? Ron said that he likes his shoulders the best, as they are quite broad and fill out shirts well.

Daniel Wu Yiu Cho also mentioned that he has liked to wear suits more lately. He said that his current girlfriend, model Lisa S. likes him wearing suits the most.

Also, Daniel's ex-girlfriend, Maggie Q has been spotted with Edison Chen Koon Hei, Daniel said that he didn't know whether they are really going out or not. Daniel said that he hasn't been in touch with Maggie for awhile.

[X] credit: Jayne @
The Sun, Takungpao, Wei Wen Po, Singpao


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