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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Bosco Publicly Cleans The Floor Because Of His Dog

Bosco Wong is the current the 'it' idol to follow and even though his character in "Under the Canopy of Love" is nice, he actually has to do something that shocks people! Bosco actually has to pick up his dog's waste since Kapum likes to go everywhere!

Day 1 - Out For Shopping & Dinner
The target has appeared! The weather that day wasn't too chilly and
Bosco appeared with a cap and his dog. He first went into Page One to read books. After reading a while, he bought two books and left.

Day 2 - Going To The Market To Buy Fruits
That day
Bosco has to work so he had to quickly drive back to his company. Afterwards he was seen going to buy fruits in the market. The store manager recommended Bosco to buy pears and tangerines. After trying one piece, Bosco quickly bought a sack of pears and tangerines and left.

Day 3 - Looking After His Dog
Bosco was seen taking a walk with his dog during a wam day. Then Bosco went tanning in a swimming trunk, but his dog needed to pee. After his dog is done, he used a bucket of water to wash the floor. He was extremely respectful and every dog owner should learn from him!

Day 4 - Foot Massage
Foot massage, 200 Yuan for 1 hour. Maybe
Bosco was running out of time as he left before massaging for 1 hour. But he has actually have to go to work!

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